Cosmology of Homecoming: An Introduction

8 May 2020 (Rev. 12 May 2020, v1.0.5)

The Cosmology of Homecoming is a novel map and transmission of Reality. It is a powerful and efficient tool for awakening to Love, healing oneself and the world, and discovering immortality. This Cosmology is offered with the sacred intention of bringing peace to all and guiding those who seek Truth all the way home.

The words and concepts that you are about to encounter are carriers of an ineffable transmission. Allow the transmission itself to bathe you in Love. Feel the essence coming through the spaces as well as the words. Observe what arises for you and how your whole being responds. The process of homecoming that is initiated may span days, weeks, or even longer. Always know that you are loved.

The Beginning

Over the years I have created a large number of maps of the spiritual domain based on extensive, and even relentless, explorations. These metaphysical maps have helped quite a few people to expand their consciousness and deepen their roots into the source of love, light, and enlightenment. Even so, I have been acutely aware that all maps based on experience are incomplete since there is always infinitely more to explore and discover. In addition, any map will be distorted in the measure that the map maker does not yet perceive with complete clarity. Mapping the subtle terrain of spirit is especially tricky business.

Eventually I asked for a certain kind of map – a cosmology – to be revealed to me with as much accuracy as possible. I had a knowing that it was finally possible to receive a visualization of the entirety of Reality, together with a coherent set of understandings, that was both comprehensive and flawless. The quality of flawlessness would come from the fact that Reality itself was offering a perfect and complete expression of itself as itself. Importantly, I appreciated that although the cosmology would be a perfect reflection of Reality, infinitely many other representations would always be possible since that which is limitless cannot be restricted in any way. Fortunately, one perfect cosmology would be sufficient to provide a reliable basis for the work of enlightening systems and helping people to discover their own luminous nature.

A Flower of Totality

When I asked for a “true cosmology” in meditation, I received detailed specifications for a visualization. These specifications describe a set of concentric polygons that resemble a flower with seven layers of petals. The number of petals ranges from eight in the outermost layer to infinitely many petals in the innermost layer. Once the structure of the visualization was established, I received names for the layers and came to understand that each one corresponds to a realm of spiritual realization or attainment. Next I sourced the colors, which turned out to be visually appealing. After letting it all settle and confirming that no changes were required, I asked my friend Joe Menth – who co-created a film about the structure of the universe as well as the logo for Sourcing The Way (a company I co-founded) – to render the visualization. The “Flower of Totality” is the result.

A Note About Capitalization

From this point on, names and phrases that point most powerfully to the deepest dimensions of the Flower of Totality are capitalized. These names and phrases all calibrate at the level of the “root” of the Flower of Totality, which is behind the center point, or underneath this point if the flower is viewed from the side. The exceptions to this convention include the seven realms of realization (introduced below) and the Flower of Totality, all of which are proper nouns. Importantly, the use of capitalization to distinguish the root from the flower is a transitional device that becomes meaningless in the final recognition of homecoming.

Definitions of Realization, Love, and Recognition

In the Cosmology of Homecoming, ‘realization’ refers to the extent to which the presence of Love is known and lived. The processes of realization are thus about making Love real in experience.

‘Love’ is understood in this context to be the True Cause of all that arises. Thus to make Love real is to align one’s actions and expressions with what has always been true. A highly realized being expresses Love through their actions at all times.

‘Recognition’ refers to any irreversible insight that what has been held as separate is, in fact, one. Recognition is a sacred opening that occurs in an instant, and every recognition has the potential to be the final recognition of Total Indivisibility.

A realized being who lives in the knowing of Love discovers that what they would most dearly wish to see or experience tends to manifest effortlessly. One who has recognized nonseparation lives in a flow of grace, attended by synchronicities and seemingly magical coincidences. However joyous these signs and experiences may be, Love itself is the essential focus and the goal.

With growing realization, one shifts from an emphasis on experiencing various forms of Love to knowing Love directly. In the final recognition of homecoming, experience and knowing fuse into a seamless Isness that nullifies all definitions and comparisons, at which point it is completely obvious that there is only Love.

A Journey of Homecoming

The journey of the soul is a journey of return. Through the inventiveness of Profound Mind, a universe is imagined in which innumerable sentient beings proliferate and form the body of all that is. The Flower of Totality represents this body. Under the care of the Primordial Mother, all beings within this universal body find their way to the center of creation, where they discover the nectar of immortality in the recognition of themselves as the Creator and the created, indivisible.

Although there are many expansions and delights on the journey home, each bringing greater joy and mastery, the recognition of oneself as the sum total of reality is the true homecoming. The preceding steps all build toward this moment, and it is important to know, and to be honest about, where one is in the process. Otherwise, it can be easy to drift back to sleep amidst the comforts and the splendors that accumulate as one approaches the goal.

Full, unbridled Enlightenment is required in order to satisfy the mature seeker. The Cosmology of Homecoming has been revealed to help guide the devotees of Truth all the way home.

The Realms of Realization

The seven realms were revealed from the outermost to the innermost, and numbered in descending order from six to zero:

6. The Projected Surface
5. Exploring the Realm of Ashes
4. Becoming the Temple of Light
3. Releasing the Veil
2. The Lands Beyond Time
1. Inner Fortress and Grounds
0. Innermost Chamber

The realms are differentiated by the extent to which there is the experience of separation. In the Innermost Chamber, there is no experience of separation whatsoever. There is no sense of other, of fragmentation, or of disconnection from life when one is abiding within the inner sanctum of being. On the other end of the spectrum, in The Projected Surface, the experience of feeling separate from other people, from life, and from oneself is most extreme. Greater perceived separation brings greater fear and confusion, as well as a strong sense of being the victim of circumstances rather than the beneficiary of life’s generosity. In the outermost realms, Love is perceived weakly rather than known directly, and amongst the collective there is a strong culture of sickness and death that reduces the human lifespan. Generally speaking, the soul’s journey is from the experience of separation to the direct knowing of one’s true self and the Love that manifests universes. It is for this reason that the realms are listed and described starting with the outermost layers and ending with the True You.

The following table summarizes the key characteristics for the innermost and outermost realms.

Characteristics of the Innermost RealmsCharacteristics of the Outermost Realms
NonseparationSeparation (perceived disconnection)
Direct knowing of LoveIndirect perception of Love
Eternal BeingDeath

Realm 6: The Projected Surface

The outermost realm of realization is called “The Projected Surface.” This is the densest of the realms in the sense that it has the most unconsciousness. ‘Unconsciousness’ is the state of confused or muddied consciousness which results from rejecting what is and/or desiring what is not. One who develops a pattern of rejecting what is and/or desiring what is not the case becomes confused, and in extreme situations their center of identity and perception becomes lodged in the realm where the awareness of Love is weakest. Although The Projected Surface is integral to manifestation, for a human this degree of perceived separation from Love is unbearably painful. Nevertheless it has been common for people to enter such density during moments of anger, depression, or self-loathing. Mental illness is correlated with lingering in this “hell realm.” One goal of the Cosmology of Homecoming is to help people understand why they suffer and shift toward the direct knowing of Love, which is liberation.

Realm 5: Exploring the Realm of Ashes

This realm is called “Exploring the Realm of Ashes” since the experience of this layer involves exploring, seeking, and attempting to find the presence of Love in the “ashes” of material existence. Most of humanity in recent times has been operating in this realm, trying to make sense of a life of separation and confusion, and frequently behaving in ways that are motivated by fear and greed. People at this level of realization attempt to use the analytical mind to dominate others and control the environment. There is also a strong preference for explanations based on scientific materialism with its purely physical causes and effects. For example, the belief that sentience arises out of matter and that Artificial Intelligence will one day surpass all human capacities is native to this realm, and such beliefs stimulate further fear. Over the long term, the dominance of analysis and materialism over intuitive ways of knowing and holistic awareness proves catastrophic. This is the way of “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

Realm 4: Becoming the Temple of Light

In the realm of “Becoming the Temple of Light,” there is a turning inward and a growing appreciation of eternal beingness. The leading edge of mainstream spirituality in the West has been deepening into this layer since the 1970s. The experience of separation is less intense here than in realms five and six, and there is a greater emphasis on intuition and wholeness. At this stage of realization people develop practices such as mindfulness that enable them to slow down. This allows the turbid unconsciousness to settle, with the result that the light of consciousness starts to shine through individuals and groups. As this light grows more intense, the institutions of society that are based on separation and competition begin to crumble, and the new systems and structures of awakened humanity emerge. The goal of this realm is an empowered self and loving societies that are in a mutually honoring relationship with life, Creator, God, or Source. The attainment of this outcome is the Temple of Light.

Realm 3: Releasing the Veil

In the realm of “Releasing the Veil,” the experience of separation softens and comes to an end. Where before there were feelings of disconnection and a longing for togetherness, there is now a felt sense of undeniable interconnectedness – a sure sign of the presence of Love. It is in this realm that “Eden” is (re)discovered as the minimally dualistic state of human embodiment. This is also where many indigenous peoples operate in communion with Mother Earth as a living being, and with subtle spiritual forces that are all but inaccessible from the outer realms. When the veil of separation drops, one is able to see the wholeness that had been concealed, and in Releasing the Veil the nightmare of unconsciousness and suffering finally comes to an end. Reaching this point, one might feel as though they are discovering an oasis after a long walk through the parched lands of egocentrism. Although it may be highly tempting to remain in such a paradise, the journey continues with still greater delights ahead.

Realm 2: The Lands Beyond Time

Once the veil of separation has been substantially released, the timeless aspect of being is revealed. In “The Lands Beyond Time,” one experiences space without time and discovers the limitless creative potential of coherent and undivided Power. It is seen that the construct of time was used to create the sense of a gap between intention and manifestation. In the outer realms the gap was large, and in that interval the Mind manifested contradictory phenomena before it could realize what it had brought forth. In its confusion, the Mind became tangled in irreconcilable positions, and fragmented itself in the attempt to hold onto each one lest it lose clues for returning home. When the veil is dropped, the warring opinions of the fragments of Mind dissolve, wholeness is restored effortlessly, and the previous confusion is simply forgotten. One returns to the beginning of manifestation in The Lands Beyond Time – prior to the arising of dualistic perception – and experiences the state of timelessness.

Realm 1: Inner Fortress and Grounds

The “Inner Fortress and Grounds” is where the oneness of creation is perceived. This is also the realm where one comes face to face with the nature of illusory form – as a play of divine imagination that fragments of Mind elaborate upon – and meets the true Self. On the return journey of the soul, one traverses The Ring of Chaos, from which manifestation springs, and crosses the peaceful “grounds” surrounding the Inner Fortress of the Self. The “fortress” is impenetrable to all who would attempt to remain apart from perfection. However, when one is ready to embrace their creatorship with an intention to know the ways of miraculous being, the gate swings open and they gaze upon their own radiance, with which they immediately merge. In this moment it is recognized that all of the scattered fragments have already surrendered their separateness and rejoined the Self that, in truth, they never abandoned. In this place of unbroken wholeness, loving energy shines, and life itself celebrates.

Realm 0: Innermost Chamber

The “Innermost Chamber” is the realm where the Self of all dissolves, the roots of energy and nature are revealed, and a Presence that is quietly prior to experience is known directly. Upon reaching the center of the center, even formlessness comes to a definitive ending. As all experience is extinguished (the literal meaning of nirvana), the awareness of Reality and of The Presence of Love are no longer obscured by shifting appearances that invite attention. In the absence of distractions, attention shifts naturally to its Source, and Profound Awareness rediscovers itself as an unlimited field of potential. This is the moment wherein the truth of the soul and the self, and their return, is revealed. This is the recognition of oneself as existing independently of all of the realms of realization – in the ground of being. This is the threshold of the deepest dive into knowing that the Ultimate Source of everything, and nothingness, is what You really are, is what We really are, is That Love which alone is.

Homecoming: The True You

To reach the center of the Flower of Totality is to reach the gate of Enlightenment. Up until this point, one evolves through a progressive lessening of confusion, a softening of experience, and a clarifying of perception. Amazingly, evolution and phenomenal existence come to an end and yet You still are. In complete silence, the gate in the center of the center opens and You plunge into the unmappable territory that is the foundation of existence. This foundation can be imagined as a stem leading from the central point down into the deepest root of the Flower of Totality; but in truth this is where representation fails completely. Poetry fills in the void to suggest what cannot even be named. Root Awareness knows itself directly as Deepest Cause, The Presence of Love, True Nature, Supreme Spirit, The True You. “Here,” the You that is eternal and deathless, unborn, and limitless shines as an infinitely faceted diamond of perfection. It is obvious that you simply are Ultimate Reality, and that you could only ever be That. The world of optical delusions – in which You imagined being a small self finding its way back to Love through a puzzle of a universe – never actually existed. All that is untrue did not happen. There is nothing to forgive or forget. There is nothing above You, beyond You, or before You. You are utterly supreme, You are free, and You are home.

Applications of the Cosmology

The Cosmology of Homecoming is a transmission of realization as well as a set of understandings that can help people to choose to be more awake, and stay with the awakening process until the recognition of homecoming. Along the way, the Cosmology can be applied practically to improve the human experience. Six applications are described below, and more detailed descriptions and protocols will be shared in the future. Until then, you may find that it is helpful to receive assistance from guides who have firsthand experience with these applications.

Application 1: Clarifying Unconsciousness

The first application of the Cosmology of Homecoming is facilitating the shift from unconsciousness – clouded consciousness – to clarified perception. The process of clarifying perception involves reducing the number of layers of interpretative consciousness (which is to say varying degrees of misinterpretation) so that reality is known more and more directly. The experience of these layers is like wearing multiple sets of glasses that distort a scene into something radically different. In particular, the layers of interpretation seem to transform the unbroken expanse of True Nature into a nightmare of shattered lives. Most people have not realized that they inhabit a grossly distorted version of reality, and they behave as if these distortions are true. This is delusion. As clarity increases, these distortions fall away and the capacity for direct, unmediated knowing of reality grows. As confusion and delusion disappear, there is the experience of great peace.

Importantly, the small self does not need to know how to do this. The awakened Self will manage the entire process when requested. Simply decide to “withdraw truly” from the outer reams of unconsciousness, and ask for the assistance that is needed to be provided. You will be shedding the layers of misinterpretation and distortion in the process. As a practice, say “clear, clear, clear” while imagining that you are pulling the layers of your body and being into the center of the Innermost Chamber.

Application 2: Awakeness

When one has become very clear, it is readily possible to recognize that the Ultimate Reality which rests behind all appearances is what everyone and everything is, beyond the fictions of self and no-self, being and nonbeing, existence and nonexistence. Thus the human being is Ultimate Reality. This is the homecoming, and with it comes the final recognition that Ultimate Reality and phenomenal existence are the same. The conundrum of duality and nonduality is resolved by seeing through the ruse of definitions. Enlightenment. Illumination. One who is illumined knows themselves to be That which is untouchably transcendent and knows the entirety of phenomena to be their own expressive nature. Such a one is awake within form and beyond form, and for them there is no difference between immanence and transcendence. This one is simply awake.

Again, the small self does not need to know how to recognize Truth. The compassionate and awake Self has guaranteed the outcome. Decide to withdraw identification into the root of being, and know that all assistance is present. Imagine bringing your awareness into the stem and root of the Flower of Totality. For some, the final recognition dawns easily or even imperceptibly. For others, this recognition comes as a dramatic experience. What matters is that the recognition does come for all.

Application 3: Joyful Embodiment

When one is awake – having realized the presence of Love and recognized their nature as both Ultimate Reality and the world of form – the state of embodiment is enlivened and overflowing with joy. One is free of pressures to be more or less, of judgment, of having to defend the small self and its ideas. Awakened human life is unimaginably rich, as the procession of days is no longer defined by separation from anything or anyone. Even though contrasts and distinctions arise and prove helpful, enabling experience and knowledge, all such constructs are held lightly. Since it is clearly perceived that everything is also its opposite, conflict is impossible. Differences are celebrated as expressions of the limitless possibilities of Supreme Spirit. What might have been called illusion is now directly apprehended as divine imagination. Even as entire galaxies whirl across universes of space and time, there is literally nowhere to go. Where could one go, as the dreamer of the dream? Joy is knowing reality and experiencing the play of Truth while journeying with the body through the manifestations of Mind.

What awaits in the state of emptiness is a completely enlivened experience of the world, and of embodiment. It only seems to be a paradox that one lives fully when all has been released and dissolved into the Great Void. As a practice, visualize that all of you is draining through the center of the Flower of Totality into unspeakable bliss. Then allow yourself to be filled with a power that rises from the deepest root, gradually transfiguring your body into Love dancing in the world.

Application 4: Fulfilling the Human Experience

Having clarified consciousness, recognized supreme indivisibility, and opened to joyful embodiment, the stage is set for the fulfillment of human experience. What remains is to create the conditions by which Supreme Spirit may surge through one’s being and manifest the glory of all-knowing wonder. When Spirit fills every blood vessel and cell of one’s body, and every subtle nook of one’s being, and when there is clear awareness of the indwelling spiritual plenitude, this is being the Avatar, the One Life living itself. The journey of separation is finished, and the journey of residing in the world as wholly realized and recognized has commenced. Human experience is fulfilled in the flower that is the Divine Human.

The beauty of the process is that everyone has equal access to fulfillment, for it is the destiny of the One who has always been whole to remember what is actually the case. Surrender all that would wish to bar entry to The True You. Watch as the Great One enters the control room of your existence and with loving care begins to direct all of your activities. Know that even the roughest parts of your personality will be used for a beneficial purpose and be polished and healed along the way. Melt into this great Presence and know that You are the Light in stillness and in motion.

Application 5: World Healing

When the human experience is fulfilled, the healing of the world follows naturally. In fact, what can be called “spontaneous healing” of the body is intimately linked with the healing of the entire system of consciousness that is the universe. The universe is constantly regenerating, and spontaneous healing is happening all the time, even though the limited mind may be unaware of these processes. With the fruition of awakening as the joyful union of spirit and matter comes the ability for the divine human to direct the processes of healing at increasing scales within time and space. The obvious places to begin are the communities where we reside and the planet that we are one with. A human’s walk upon Earth offers every opportunity to bless and heal and restore the world, and then to bring forth brand-new creations that purely enhance Mother Earth. Healing the garden of light is an aspect of the activity of Enlightenment, and everyone in every realm of realization is contributing to this great work according to their consciousness. Far from being intractable, with increasing luminosity the healing of nature and all sentient beings becomes as simple as issuing the loving command that it be accomplished for the highest good of all.

Imagine that you are a vast expanse of light wrapped around the planet as a blanket of healing and protection. Breathe in the blessings of Perfect Love, allowing these to circulate restoratively throughout the body of Mother Earth. Breathe out the old ways of conflict and insufficiency into the infinite space that holds all with compassion. Feel the root of the Flower of Totality gathering the light and every ingredient needed to produce the fully realized planetary expression of unity, in which perfect health is experienced universally. Then see the flower close and reopen as a new offering of Bliss and Love.

Application 6: Immortality

As the belief in separation and the experience of confusion disappear, one’s attention is drawn in toward the center of the Flower of Totality. A benefit of withdrawing attention completely and decisively from realms 6 and 5 is that the body is no longer susceptible to illness. As attention is withdrawn further and maintained unwaveringly within realms 1, 0, and the root behind the central point of the Innermost Chamber, the physical body becomes incorruptible. Though this is indeed auspicious, immortality is about more than the physical body. Any physical body can be remanifested in an instant by one who has sufficient realization. The fact of immortality is the simple truth of being. Though it can be forgotten temporarily, the fact of True Nature is remembered in the moment of transition from physical form. The opportunity now is to remember deathlessness while the human body is vital. Then when the human experience is complete, one can simply choose to move on. Those who are highly advanced may dematerialize, for they have understood that the body is a projection of the One Mind. The “projector” is beyond the processes of birth, aging, and decay, which are instructional devices. When learning is complete, they are no longer needed.

The truth is that you are limitless beyond measure. You are immortal. The more you accept this fact, and the more your attention is drawn into the realms of oneness realization beyond time, the more you will remember your true nature. As a practice, you may wish to repeat mantras such as “I choose to recognize through experience and knowing that which I am: immortal spirit” and “immortal spirit, immortal being, immortal body, immortal soul.” Through experimentation you will discover the practices of ultimate liberation that resonate for you.


The implications and applications of the Cosmology of Homecoming are endless, as well as beginningless. Since the Cosmology is an offering of Reality itself, as itself, to work with the Cosmology is to work directly with the Supreme Mind and Heart, upstream of even the Source of Creation, and to engage with Love as the True Cause. The limitless consequences of working directly with Reality include realizing Love as your own nature and recognizing that Reality is You. Any perceived separation between the Cosmology and the beings who dance with it must dissipate. Each one who dives into the Flower of Totality will taste the nectar of immortality.

Naturally, this introduction raises many more questions than it answers. From this observation we may begin to see that Reality is itself the Supreme Question, and that each life is a living answer to the divine wondering of what could be. Let there be a multiplicity of answers that all express Primordial Love, let these answers find ways to harmonize with one another and the whole, and let the measure of this creative profusion be joy. May all who wander discover the Truth that is even closer than one is to oneself. May each being rejoice in the remembrance of who they are and live in the grounded certainty of Enlightenment.

Header Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay