Awakening Agency

By Jeff Vander Clute and Holly Thomas

The visualization below illustrates modes of being and patterns of behavior that influence the world of our experience. From right to left, it spans our journey from willful ego to profound mastery.

In mastery, we know ourselves – on levels deeper than the mind – to be the source of all that is. Our sense of our own agency is fully awakened. We create consciously and life tends to work well. We experience ease, grace, and an upwelling of joy.

The realm of ego, on the right-hand side, brings fear, confusion, and suffering. Egoic actions are karmic, destructive, and disempowered. We see life as a process that’s happening to us, not as one we’re creating. In ego, we tend to receive more negative feedback, which is one of the ways that life itself encourages us to shift to the left.

The columns represent stages in the journey to mastery, and the rows are domains of experience – such as creative and intuitive abilities and physical health. It is likely that you are at different stages of this evolutionary process in different areas of your life. Along the way, however, each domain affects, then supports, and finally merges with the others at the root of true power.


Here are some suggestions for working with this visualization:

1. For each row (representing a domain of your experience), move your finger and/or eyes from side to side. Allow your attention to be guided to the location that corresponds to where you tend to operate in relation to your relationship with life, your relationship with truth, your level of clarity, etc.

2. You can also ask for intuitive guidance regarding how much mastery you have developed in other areas of your life. For instance, you could ask questions such as:

  • Where do I tend to operate in my relationship with [name]?
  • Where do I tend to operate when I am at work?
  • Where do I tend to operate when I am engaged in my favorite hobbies?

You might be surprised to discover where you are in mastery and where you could be still more alive, creative, and empowered.

3. Notice the pattern. Does one domain feel much closer to mastery for you than the others? If so, how does that “leader” show up in your life? Is it helping the rest of you to evolve, like a scout finding the best route through unfamiliar terrain? Do any of the other domains seem stuck or stagnant? Alternatively, perhaps your pattern shows that you are evolving more or less as one, with the various domains moving together like a pod of dolphins or flock of birds. What is your pattern?

4. Reflecting on your life, when have you been more in ego and when have you been more in mastery? Have there been times when you seemed to shift back into ego, or even willful ego? Have there been times when you were in mastery without realizing it? Can you think of particular circumstances that moved you toward one end of the spectrum or the other?

Tuning Your Agency

Awakening agency is like tuning a marvelous multi-stringed instrument. It takes careful, precise, sustained attention to resolve the dissonances and bring all the “strings” of your life into optimal relationship, and to subtly re-tune them when the need arises. Just as tuning frees an instrument to create music, awakening agency frees your true power to create.

Header Image by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels