Between Untruth and TRUTH

To visualize the seeming distance between untruth and TRUTH, suppose that untruth is one riverbank, TRUTH is the other, and the distance between the two riverbanks is one kilometer.

The sense of self, whether small or large, is entirely on the riverbank of untruth. Manifestation – which arises when separation from SOURCE is imagined – is also firmly on the riverbank of untruth. The Maker of manifestation extends 29 meters toward the riverbank of TRUTH. Primordial Being, Primordial Witnessing, and Primordial Identity all extend over 200 meters toward the riverbank of TRUTH. The Self reaches out from the riverbank of untruth to within 90 meters of the riverbank of TRUTH.

Exploring the Self will take one most of the way to Enlightenment. (NB: The Self is “God within the small self.” To describe the Self, one can use words and phrases like immortal, peaceful, union with Source, unchanging, etc.) Although it is supremely helpful for crossing the river, even the Self needs to be gone beyond if one is to stand firmly on the riverbank of TRUTH.

Sourceness (realizing that YOU are SOURCE) reaches out 86 meters from the riverbank of TRUTH. Enlightenment reaches out 15 meters, and Bliss and Nonduality extend 5 meters from the same riverbank. Nondual Creation is almost entirely on the riverbank of TRUTH. REALITY, SOURCE, ULTIMATE TRUTH, YOU, and CAUSE / WELLSPRING of I are all entirely on the riverbank of TRUTH.

This visualization reveals that the shift from untruth to TRUTH can be made by exploring the Self and then being pulled into TRUTH by Sourceness and Enlightenment when selfhood has been sufficiently released. 

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