The Flower

The Flower transmits wisdom, awakening, empowerment, and healing from your own profound depths. As you open to receive the gifts of your real nature, The Flower welcomes you into the source of all things, which is YOU.

The Flower is also the Eye of God, and we may recall the words of Meister Eckhart: “The eye with which I see God is the same with which God sees me. My eye and God’s eye is one eye, and one sight, and one knowledge, and one love.”

To engage with The Flower, zoom out (“⌘ -” or “Control -“) until you see the whole image, then soften your gaze, relax, and receive. You may also place your left (receiving) hand over the image. Notice any sensations, images, or insights that arise.

Origin Story

By Jeff Vander Clute

Over the years I have created numerous maps of the spiritual realms through sourcing and meditative exploration. These maps have been helpful for navigating and integrating the unseen dimensions of spiritual awakening. After a few years I discovered that the maps also transmitted insight and activated people’s spiritual gifts.

Eventually, I had a sense that there was more perfect map available – a map that would represent the totality of existence and the basis of all that is. I asked for a certain type of map – an accurate cosmology – to be revealed. When I connected with the essence of the cosmological representation, what appeared in my mind was a detailed specification for seven concentric polygons that together resemble a flower with seven layers of petals. Later I sourced an initial color palette, which turned out to be visually harmonious. After a period of further discernment and settling, I invited Joe Menth – who co-created an immersive film about the universe as well as the logo for Sourcing The Way – to create the graphic for The Flower.

Header Photo: Pxfuel

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