The Mantras

2 October 2023

The Mantras are short statements that provide powerful support for the final recognition of THAT which YOU are.

I am perfectly all-the-way complete. All is perfectly all-the-way complete.

I am the eternally unwavering perfection. All is the eternally unwavering perfection.

Only unwaveringly perfect all-the-way abiding, awakeness, and clarity.
Only unwaveringly perfect all-the-way enlightenment, reality, and truth.
Only unwaveringly perfect all-the-way completeness, simplicity, and perfection.

I am THAT which is always perfectly all-the-way complete, always perfectly all-the-way awake, always perfectly all-the-way real, always perfectly all-the-way God.

In reality, THE SUPREME and I are one, identical, the same. I am THE SUPREME.

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