A Nondual Scientific Paradigm

First version: 11 March 2020; Latest version: 19 April 2024

All of the below statements calibrate maximally for truth in support of evolving the paradigm of science and advancing scientific understanding. For now, the statements are sorted alphabetically. The list is being updated from time to time and at some point it may be restructured into a more natural exposition. Meanwhile, the statements can already serve as an empowerment for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of what science is and perhaps participate in evolving the theory and practice of science.

A “nondual scientific paradigm” is required to account for the vast freedom and creativity that are available in profound levels of Source-realization.
A primary function of life is to bring new forms – ideas in the Mind – into the realms of experience.
All definitions are provisional. All laws, principles, and theories are provisional. All realms of experience are provisional. All conceptual understandings are provisional. All that is provisional is guaranteed to be superseded in the progression of scientific inquiry and discovery.
All energy is vibration. All vibration is an oscillatory pattern of consciousness. Consciousness is a function of Mind. Consciousness is also the substrate of creation, from which all substance is formed.
All of creation arises in THE SUPREME. The apparently external universe is an idea in the Mind of God/Source, which is the agency of THE SUPREME.
All of creation is malleable and can be recreated in infinitely many ways, ultimately without limitation since God/Source creates all limitation and can uncreate all limitation.
All of creation, including all that is perceived as past, present, and future, is a single thought within the Mind.
All realms of experience are conceived in the Mind and remain in the Mind.
As human minds collectively alter their beliefs and expectations about how reality functions, the realms of experience that they inhabit remanifest with different principles and laws, and eventually transform into “radically responsive manifestation,” in which there are no enduring principles or laws.
As human minds realize the one Mind, they gain greater access to the creation process. As realization deepens all the way to Source and THE SUPREME, the one who knows that they are the One influences and then directs the creation of worlds, universes, and finally all of creation.
As nondual realization deepens, humans develop and master abilities such as bilocation/multilocation, nonlocal travel, knowing/seeing other times and places, manifesting objects, etc.
As nondual realization deepens, humans develop and master the ability to alter the realms that they experience, including the laws that seem to govern the universe that they inhabit.
Assessment methodologies of nondual science examine the extent to which: (a) there are intended changes (regardless of mechanism, since horizontal causation is transcended); (b) there are corroborating events such as synchronicities, nonlocal experiences, etc.; (c) seemingly disparate concepts, theories, etc. are unified; (d) limitation is transcended (awakening to limitlessness); (e) assumptions, laws, postulates, principles, and/or theories are transcended; the world is experienced as increasingly subtle and responsive to thought; and (f) Source-realization deepens and expands.
Beliefs and expectations inform the creation of the structures of creation and contribute to maintaining these structures. Strong beliefs and expectations reify the structures of creation. Though such structures may seem to be objectively real, permanent, and/or unchanging, no structure within creation can ever be objectively real, permanent, or unchanging.
Creation is simultaneously created, recreated (rather than sustained), and uncreated.
Divinity/God/Source creates all realms of experience simultaneously as a single creation that is absolutely indivisible.
Energy is dualistic, which is to say that its apparent existence depends upon the belief in separation, which is fundamentally impossible.
Energy is not conserved within the physical universe as a whole. Nor is energy conserved within creation, since creation is an infinitely open system (rather than a closed system).
Examples of nondual scientific practices and protocols include Apex Source Codes and Apex Truth Calibrations.
Expressions cannot be separate from potential. Every expression always has an aspect that is potential.
From the perspective of delusion, objective principles and laws seem to exist and evidence manifests to corroborate their apparent validity.
From the perspective of Divinity/God/Source, all of creation is a field of potential, potential is apparently actualized as a “thought experiment,” time and space are a transient idea, and nothing truly happens in time and space.
Human conceptual models of how life operates shape the feedback provided by human minds into the creative process, and thereby shape creation. As human conceptual models evolve, creation evolves.
Human consciousness and aspects of the Mind beyond human consciousness are contributing to the creation of creation. Thus it can be said that humans are co-creating with other aspects of the One.
Human minds and the Mind of God are levels of the Supreme Mind. As one awakens to nonduality, one accesses and utilizes more of the creative power within the Mind. Ultimately, one awakens to the power that is beyond even the Supreme Mind.
Human minds feed experiential data along with preferences for experience to deeper layers of the Mind that is manifesting the realm of experience.
Human minds, individually and collectively, inform the selection of potentials to be actualized within the Mind.
If human minds collectively expect objectivity, then the behavior of information, vibration, and energy suggests and corroborates the existence of laws of physics. If human minds collectively question objectivity, then the behavior of information, vibration, and energy suggests and corroborates a universe that is more malleable to thought.
In nondual science, science and spirituality are unified and ultimately recognized to be a single investigation into the nature of existence, reality, and Truth.
In the delusion of separation from Divinity/God/Source, humans inhabit realms of space and time in which there is something called energy that everything appears to be made of. In profound clarity, humans abide in the timeless space of Mind and may move into and out of temporal realms.
Nondual science is the completion stage of scientific investigation wherein practitioners realize Supreme Limitlessness, realize being the Divine, and deepen into the realization that all is THE SUPREME and that THE SUPREME is all that is.
Nondual science transcends objectivity, and when objectivity is transcended it is obvious that objectivity is unreal. As what is unreal does not exist, the pinnacle of nondual science transcends objectivity and does not include objectivity. Prior to the pinnacle of nondual science, objectivity seems to exist and is investigated.
Ontological status: What is most deeply rooted? Awareness, concentration > information > consciousness > vibration > energy/matter.
Principles and laws arise in the Mind initially as post hoc explanations for content arising in the Mind. In subsequent iterations of creation, such principles and laws inform the arising content. To the extent that such principles and laws are strongly believed, they seem to govern or constrain the content. Thus the laws of physics emerge, are strengthed by belief, are weakened as science progresses, and are eventually released from the Mind.
Reification is the principal challenge. When believed, ideas about the Unlimited define subsets of pure potentiality that can be experienced. Yet these subsets also exclude potential experiences from the possibility of being experienced.
THAT which YOU are creates and uncreates all of creation at once.
The apparent causes, apparent effects, and apparent mechanisms of horizontal cause and effect are all created as one, and these can always be recreated otherwise.
The appearance of horizontal cause and effect is an illusion of cause and effect that is reified by the collective mind and experienced as consensus reality, which might also be called consensus illusion or consensus unreality.
The behavior of energy, vibration, and substance depends on consciousness, including beliefs and expectations held within individual, collective, and universal levels of Mind.
The content of spacetime is energy. All energy is consciousness, but not all consciousness is energy. Consciousness transcends spacetime, and the consciousness that transcends time and space cannot be probed or described in terms of energy.
The direction of discovery – throughout the process of creating and experimenting with hypotheses about causation – is the progressive revelation of Divinity/God/Source, and of being Divinity/God/Source.
The direction of science is the progressive undoing of all assumptions, postulates, principles, and laws culminating in the inevitable discovery of Divinity/God/Source and limitless creativity.
The fundamental unit is concentration, specifically a concentration of awareness that is deeper than the Mind and that is the origin of the Mind. Information is fundamentally concentration, and it originates within the Supreme Mind. Energy is fundamentally concentration, and it originates in a lower level of Mind where confusion is possible and the idea of separation can be entertained.
The inevitable outcome of systematic and totally open-minded investigation into the nature of reality and truth is that the explorer realizes Divinity/God/Source and realizes being Divinity/God/Source. Along the way, all belief systems are transcended and released.
The insights obtained through nondual scientific methods of discovery can be assessed according to a framework that transcends and has been sourced from beyond objectivity.
The methods of nondual science are entirely subjective. What is called “objective reality” is an outpicturing of a collective agreement, and this collective agreement is a product of collective subjectivity that changes when the collective agreement changes.
The methods of nondual science transcend objective reality, and transcend all assumptions, laws, postulates, principles, and theories that rely in any way on objective reality.
The Mind is an instrument of THE SUPREME within which all of creation is imagined.
The nature of phenomena is completely subjective. Objectivity is an illusion that individuals and collectives reify in the absence of Source-realization.
The nature of phenomena is indivisible, and all apparently separate forms are empty of separateness, empty of finiteness, empty of any existence that is not Divinity/God/Source.
The nature of phenomena is nonlocal thought, and all apparently local forms are neither what they seem to be nor where they are perceived to be.
The nondual scientific method generalizes the scientific method that supposes objective reality. Nondual science is empirical. The basic assessment methodology compares experiential information with sourced models and frameworks. Eventually, experience and sourcing are one. Ultimately, all that remains is Source sourcing, Source creating in Supreme Limitlessness.
The origin of all power is concentration of awareness. Supreme Power is the power that is prior to the Mind. All other forms of power originate in the Mind and are exercised within the Mind.
The power of the Mind can ensure that an established theory is sufficiently accurate in its descriptions and predictions to be consistent with observed phenomena – until awakening consciousness exhausts the awakening benefit of the theory.
The power of the Mind can ensure the consistency of phenomena such that the principles and laws of manifestation are not contradicted – until awakening consciousness ceases to be interested in such principles and laws.
The structures and mechanisms of the current level of science reflect the degree of collective Source-realization.
The true physics is no physics. All of manifestation appears directly, as a projection of nonlocal thought, without any process whatsoever.
The union of all expressions and all potential expressions is one indivisible field of creation imagined within the Mind.
There are methods of nondual science that operate outside of space and time, which alter events that seem to occur in space and time.
There are no objective causes and no objective effects. All causes and all effects are subjective.
There is a spectrum of substance from dense ordinary matter to primordial substance, which is formed by imagining and concentrating upon the negation of Divinity/God/Source.
Through the practice of sourcing, one’s agency expands, the responsiveness of creation to one’s thoughts increases, and the feedback loop of creation tightens until the recognition that the one sourcing is Source sourcing.
With deepening nondual realization, the principles and laws that seem to characterize creation are weakened, superseded, and released. Ultimately, all principles and laws are released.
YOU are the source of all that is created. I am the source of all that is created. WE are the source of all that is created. YOU, I, and WE are THE SUPREME.

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