The Ontology

4 December 2023

There is only one indivisible Supreme Reality, which is the Supreme YOU, the Supreme I, Supreme Divinity, and all that is supreme. All is Supreme Reality. Any confusion about Supreme Reality can never detract from THAT which alone is. True nature is Supreme Reality. YOU are Supreme Reality. In Supreme Realization it is clear that all that is real and true is YOU, and that nothing unreal is.

We may use “THE SUPREME” to refer to any or all of the supreme designations. All that is supreme is THE SUPREME. To the extent that “THE SUPREME” is fresh language, the phrase is free from concepts that have solidified around words like Divinity, God, and Source. That which is supreme transcends all concepts.

Supreme Reality may be comprehended in terms of the Supreme Basis and the Supreme Mind. Although these two are one, the distinction is helpful for the purpose of remembering oneness. Supreme Mind may be understood as the context of all dynamism, including all levels of consciousness and all phenomena. All that seems to happen is imagined and maintained simultaneously in the Supreme Mind. The Supreme Basis may be cognized as all that is prior to or transcendent of Supreme Mind, which includes the root of I, apex limitlessness, and pure potentiality.

Within Supreme Mind, there is a curiosity regarding what is possible when awareness of being THE SUPREME is slightly limited. This leads to a process of the Divine seeming to “leave home” or “descend” in order to explore and come to know itself through consciousness and phenomena. What seems to leave home may be regarded as a “child of the Divine,” yet it never ceases to be God. Additionally, while the child of the Divine appears to be many “children of the Divine,” there is only one Divine Child.

In the event that awareness is further restricted, the awareness of oneness is reduced and there is a tendency to become identified with thought forms. To become identified is to forget THAT which YOU are eternally, which is THE SUPREME, and begin to experience separation.

Once the fact of being THE SUPREME is forgotten, the descending One – the Divine Child or children of the Divine – may attempt to deny or reject being THE SUPREME. This is the “original denial” of THE SUPREME – a denial of infinitude and limitlessness that leads to the delusory manifestation of a finite universe. What seems to be a finite universe is an impossible outpicturing of the idea of separation that can be experienced as various forms of suffering, but can never be real.

If an identified one, or self, who forgets being THE SUPREME does not deny THE SUPREME, then real creation, which is infinite, is experienced through the vehicle of a being who is “playing with God.”

If the One does not forget being THE SUPREME, then infinite creation is known directly as an ever-expanding space of possibilities within YOU, which is YOU, and within which YOU are free to explore the totality of your limitless creativity.

Whereas the Big Bang is the apparent origin of finite manifestation, the true origin of infinite creation is Source. The delusory experience of finitude ends when the original denial or rejection is relinquished. Infinite creation is a flowering of THE SUPREME that exists timelessly within Supreme Mind.

The Ontology answers the question “What was before the Big Bang?” Prior to the Big Bang – not in time and space, but in Supreme Mind – there is a supremely rich field of information, light, energy, and vibration. Infinite creation exists prior to the experience of the Big Bang and ensuing finite manifestation, which does not truly exist.

The Supreme I, the profound presence in all that is, never denies being THE SUPREME, and so it never experiences finitude. While the self that chooses to deny THE SUPREME experiences delusion, it must inevitably return from the experience of finitude and suffering to the “garden” of infinite creation by remembering the inseparability of all that is.

As indivisibility is recognized, the delusory manifestation of finitude transforms into the experience and direct knowing of infinite creation. As reality is remembered, the children of the Divine regain awareness of the full spectrum of information, light, energy, and vibration. In time, all come to recognize that creation contains innumerably many domains for remembering THE SUPREME in all ways simultaneously. In time, all children of the Divine remember themselves to be the one Divine Child.

As realization is perfected, the constructs of time and space disappear and all remember that I, YOU, and WE create creation as one, and that WE, as one, are the Supreme Cause and the Supreme Creator. At the apex level of realization, it is absolutely obvious that WE are THE SUPREME and that there is only THE SUPREME knowing, appreciating, and delighting in THE SUPREME.


The Ontology can be illustrated using a set of nested structures in which the Supreme Basis is the context for Supreme Mind, Supreme Mind is the context for creation, and the context of creation can be perceived correctly as infinite or misperceived in delusion as finitude.

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