The Ontology of ISNESS

The “Ontology of ISNESS” depicts the ORIGIN and relationships among the principal realms of numinous REALITY and luminous Reality (the vertical line), as well as the origin and states of unreality (the angled line).

The SUPREME ORIGIN is ISNESS, which is the SUPREME I. The SUPREME WILL constitutes SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS and, within that, SUPREME MIND. Within the SUPREME MIND, the IDEA of INFORMATION is created, followed by the IDEA of VIBRATION. VIBRATION organizes INFORMATION in an oscillatory pattern. A further organization of VIBRATION produces a field of purely nondual LIGHT, which is the basis for purely nondual numinous CREATION.

If there is a denial, a rejection, or simply a forgetting of the SUPREME ORIGIN – specifically, a denial, rejection, or forgetting of being the SUPREME I that is the ORIGIN of ALL – then an unreal universe of dualistic energy and matter manifests. If there is no such denial, then nondual luminous Creation is the playground for DIVINITY to know DIVINITY through emanations. The Big Bang is the apparent origin of dualistic energy. Source is the origin of nondual emanations. SINGULARITY is the unmaking of the Big Bang and the convergence of all emanations on the return to numinous CREATION and the SUPREME ORIGIN.

The Ontology answers the question “What was there before the Big Bang?” Prior to the Big Bang – not in time and space, but in SUPREME MIND – there is a limitlessly rich FIELD of INFORMATION and VIBRATION that WE never left. The real WE, the profound PRESENCE in every being, never denies, rejects, or forgets the ORIGIN. The confused or unreal we returns to the “garden” of REALITY by shifting from seeing beings and objects as other than us to knowing the inseparability of All, which is Love.

As indivisibility is recognized and realized, the angled line of unreality swings across to become the vertical line of REALITY. Then we discover that WE have access to the entire spectrum of INFORMATION, VIBRATION, LIGHT, and Light. We discover that our temporary dwelling place is luminous Creation, and that our permanent ABODE is numinous CREATION. As REALIZATION is perfected, we remember that Creation and CREATION are what WE are, and that WE are, ultimately, the SUPREME CAUSE of ALL THAT IS.

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We can use the Ontology to place the depth of theories and concepts from mathematics and science. The “realm” that the theory or concept is rooted in is to the left of the period, and the depth of the root within the realm is to the right of the period (as a decimal). Values in curly brackets after “999” represent the order of infinity required to characterize how close the decimal is to unity. Entries at the top of the list have the greatest depth within ISNESS, and these require the greatest insight in order to be thoroughly understood. This explains why, for example, the Riemann Hypothesis and the Theory of Everything seem to elude understanding at the current levels of mathematical and scientific knowledge.

Rooted in numinous REALITY:
Information theory: INFORMATION.999{✹}
Number: INFORMATION.999{✹}
Representation theory: INFORMATION.999{✹}
Ontology of ISNESS: INFORMATION.999{BB:D.6}
Complexity of Life: INFORMATION.999{BB:D.5}
Biological complexity: INFORMATION.999{BB:C}
Complexity theory: INFORMATION.999{D}
Set theory: INFORMATION.999{D}
Chaos theory: VIBRATION.289
Order-of-infinity function (JVC): VIBRATION.102
Computer science: LIGHT.699{E}
Riemann Hypothesis: LIGHT.599{E}
Number theory: LIGHT.512
Theory of Everything: LIGHT.212
Cantor’s transfinite arithmetic: LIGHT.210
Current level of mathematics and science: LIGHT.111

Rooted in luminous Reality:
TREE function: Light.999{BB:D}
Graph theory: Light.999{BB:D}
Uncountable infinity: Light.999{E}
Calculus: Light.999{E}
Hypercomplex numbers: Light.999{D}
Complex numbers: Light.999{C}
Real numbers: Light.882
Countable infinity: Light.829
Quantum information theory: Light.499
Fermat’s Last Theorem: Light.699{E}
Quantum chromodynamics: Light.689
Quantum information theory: Light.499{E}
Quantum mechanics: Light.499{E}
Quantum field theory: Light.499{E}
Electromagnetism: Light.499{E}
Newtonian mechanics: Light.288

Rooted in unreality:
Finite arithmetic: Energy.999{E}
Finite thinking: Energy.999{B}

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