The Map of Being

4 March 2024

The Map of Being shows the layers of being, from apparently individual being to apparently collective being to apparently universal being to nondual being to apex being (beyond being a being). This map first revealed itself in December 2015, and it has been expanded and updated many times since then.

One key insight is that each human exists at every depth level, which is another way of saying that each person is actually transpersonal. It is common, especially in cases of spiritual emergence, for one to have transpersonal experiences (which are deeper than the personal) and then try to interpret them at the personal level. This leads to confusion, dissonance, and, in some cases, mental health challenges. When one is able to source the level of any experience using the Map of Being, much of the confusion about “self,” “other,” and “the world” can be readily resolved.

An explanation of the levels will be added in 2024. In the meantime, the below table offers a transmission that supports profound healing of the mind and the heart, for one and for all.

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Header photo by Steve Johnson

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