The Tones

The Tones support creation, re-creation, and the remembrance of your true self and most-profound nature. When the below tone sequences are sounded, the entirety of existence hears the call to awaken and transform. Allow yourself to be intuitively drawn to a few of the sequences below, and notice how the qualities of your listening, and being, shift after they are played.

A Sampling of Tone Sequences

NEW: Total Acceptance of HOMECOMING + Love Itself + Totally Rooted in the Most-Secret One
NEW: Awareness of the Most-Secret One
(46 Minutes, Headphones Recommended)
NEW: Abiding as the Most-Secret One
(46 Minutes, Headphones Recommended)
NEW: Total Disappearance of Ego and the Entire Basis of Ego
NEW: Total Openness to Nonlocal Consciousness
The Shift in Perception
Love Itself
Supreme Grounding in the Pure Potential of Limitless Mind (Grounding 4)
Total Liberation From Ideas
The Unspeakably Precious Pearl
Most-Profound Resolved World (Healed World)
Most-Profound Total Abiding as the Foundation of Existence (Grounding 5)
Most-Profound Total Truth
Most-Profound Total Simplicity
Most-Profound Total Abundance
Most-Profound Total Fulfillment
Most-Profound Total Awareness
Most-Profound Total Mastery
Most-Profound Total Freedom
Most-Profound Total Humility
Most-Profound Total Flowering of Siddhic Potential
Most-Profound Total Homecoming
Most-Profound Total Clarity
Most-Profound Totally You

Header Photo: Pixabay (With Colors Inverted)