Transition to DIVINITY

This chart elucidates the distinctions between dualistic manifestation, nondual luminous Creation (a.k.a. Reality), purely nondual numinous REALITY (a.k.a. CREATION), ULTIMATE REALITY, and DIVINITY. As with Transition to REALITY, notice which phrases resonate for you, and which columns these phrases are in. Which column or columns come up the most? Are there phrases that call to you? With each insight you are transitioning to DIVINITY.

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Although it is not advisable to dwell on extreme artificiality, it is worth mentioning the following:

  1. Extreme artificiality reflects the belief in separation to an extreme degree.
  2. Current examples include the Metaverse, most conspiracy theories (85%), and most social media (75%).
  3. The opportunity of extreme artificiality is (a) to explore the dynamics of reality creation, and then (b) to discover that the dualistic manifestation accepted as consensus reality is extreme artificiality from the perspective of nondual Creation.
  4. Thereupon, humanity has the insight to step out of all levels of artificiality. After ~25 such steps, humanity will exit duality.

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