The Transmission

The Transmission began to reveal itself in December 2015, in Goa, India. Soon afterwards, in the Himalayas, an inner voice announced that this technology will support the enlightenment of many, many people. The Transmission (visualized below as a series of charts) works esoterically to offer spiritual insights, accelerate awakening, and activate spiritual gifts. It is better to refrain from all attempts to understand it cognitively. May you enjoy the experiments below.

Experiment 1: Completing the Circuit

Note: Due to the large size of the images below, this process works better with a computer than with a smart phone.

  1. Zoom out with your browser (typically using Command-[minus sign] on a computer) until the images below become small enough that they all fit in one screen and you can place your hand over them.
  2. Hold the palm of your left (receiving) hand over the images, preferably without touching the screen. Place your right (giving) hand to the side with the palm facing Earth.
  3. Notice whether there is a position where your hands “click” into place. There may be more than one such position.
  4. Allow the transmission ​to flow in through your left hand and out through your right hand into Earth. This completes a circuit of receiving and giving that includes you and Earth.
  5. You may feel sensations, see images, or have a sense of information flowing through you. Allow the flow of the transmission without trying to understand it. Understanding will come later.
  6. Continue until you have a sense of being complete for now. This will often occur within 1-3 minutes.

See the bottom of this page for more experiments. 

The Charts

The following charts have been reduced in size to fit the screen. To read the text, click on the chart you wish to read or use your browser’s “zoom in” function.

Experiment 2: Releasing

  1. Place your right hand on or over the images below, wherever you feel called.
  2. Place your left hand on top of your heart.
  3. Release all of your pain, burden, anxiety, and fear… into the unsurpassed clarity that will transform them.
  4. After 1-3 minutes, or whenever you sense that the process is complete, remove your hands.

Experiment 3: Dowsing for Insights

  1. Allow your eye or hand to be drawn to one or more locations in the above images.
  2. Notice which areas are attracting your attention.
  3. Use your browser’s “zoom in” function until you can read the text. Scroll as needed to locate the areas that call to you.
  4. What do the words, colors, and/or symbols bring into awareness for you?
  5. Notice any sensations, ideas, or insights that arise.​

Image by toodlingstudio from Pixabay