Awakened Strategies

With the challenges of these times come extraordinary opportunities to build thriving organizations that create positive impact where it is needed most. Since the organizing patterns of society are changing, novel approaches to strategic planning and decision making are required in order to see and realize these opportunities. These new methods draw upon multiple intelligences and the wisdom of nature in order to create conscious strategies that can uplift and regenerate whole systems and ecosystems.

Jeff Vander Clute, together with his colleagues at Emerge Collab, offers a unique set of facilitated processes that help purpose-driven individuals and organizations to find conscious pathways to the most-aligned outcomes, quickly and painlessly. Over time, clients learn how to recognize what is seeking to emerge, and how to engage productively with all of the unknowns, uncertainties, and complexities that characterize these times. The result is a capacity to dance with life in ways that produce desirable outcomes with remarkable grace.

This methodology is ideal for strategic planning, branding, board and organization development, key transitions, and high-stakes decision making of virtually all kinds. If conscious strategy resonates for you or your organization, please be in touch.

Header Photo from MePixels