Power and Clarity: Awakening Wisdom

Life is providing everything needed for happiness, creativity, and a stream of awakened experiences. With a shift in perception we can discover the gems that are hidden in plain sight and tap into the great reservoir of peace, creativity, and guidance that is always available. We can discover the divine within, the source of our human life, and the enlightenment that shines through all situations. When we make this shift, difficulties vanish and we come to know life as a series of blessings.

Awakening Wisdom is radical self-care. This experience delivers a strong transmission of consciousness that empowers you to build your life on the foundation of true nature. The outcome is an expansion of your power, capacities, inner peace… and deep satisfaction.

The process consists of:

1. Uplifting transformational conversations that reveal the foundations of your life and bring clarity to key decisions, the next level of your gifts and abilities, what is needed to fulfill your mission, and where you are poised to make leaps in development

2. A spiritual diagnostic that identifies the leverage points within your being where focus, intention, and transformation will deliver the greatest benefit for the whole of your life, and initiates fundamental transformation at these leverage points

3. Blessings and Empowerments of awakened, loving energy and consciousness that offer root-level healing, activation, awakening, and support for the entire system of your life, including right livelihood, family, finances, and health

Awakening Wisdom is illuminating, rooted in Truth, unique, and mysteriously delightful. If you are ready to discover the next levels of yourself, and if you feel a resonance with what you have read so far, then let’s be in touch.

Investment: $555 USD. Scholarships are available.