Blessings and Empowerments: Transmissions for Healing and Awakening

The Blessings and Empowerments facilitate spiritual healing, awakening, and transformation. They are infusions of consciousness and energy grounded in the power of silence. Specifically, the Blessings and Empowerments set the stage for:

  • Liberation from the causes of suffering
  • Disentanglement from the delusion of separation
  • Activation of one’s spiritual gifts
  • Healing and awakening in the deepest roots of being
  • Experiencing the bliss of coming home to true nature

Individual and group sessions can be offered in person or via a video call. Recipients often report experiencing feelings of warmth, bliss, and shifting energies, as well as expanded awareness, greater clarity, inspired visions, and a sense of releasing deeply held blockages. Many people have insights regarding practical steps they can take in their lives, and some have unusual experiences such as visitations from spiritual masters or beings from other realms. Most importantly, people tend to share afterwards that their lives have improved.

The Blessings and Empowerments are shared on a donation basis. Schedule a session or make a donation below.