Foundational Alignment Statements

The Foundational Alignment Statements below may be thought of as tuning forks for enlightenment. They support you in aligning with that which is really true. As you read and resonate with these statements, that which is you in truth becomes more prominent in your awareness and you say yes to experiencing the beauty and love that is all around you.

At this level of consciousness, you abide in supreme wholeness, and healing happens automatically for yourself, humanity, and the world. As you read these statements and allow your being to resonate with them, countless forms of support for healing, transformation, and awakening are invoked.

When you commune with the Foundational Alignment Statements, you make and reaffirm a “deep decision” in the roots of your being, outside of time, to align with the truth of each one and receive responses of loving energy, wisdom, and realization. Within time, your alignment manifests through unexpected gifts that are sometimes referred to as miracles.

These statements are precisely calibrated to place you on the most direct path of knowing unsurpassed truth and love. Reading them a few times a week will catalyze beneficial shifts and awakening in your life. Enjoy the journey.

Note: If you are reading the below statements on a mobile phone, turn the phone on its side to maximize screen width and be aware that you might need to scroll a bit.

Header Photo by Couleur from Pexels