Awakening Agency

The below visualization illustrates the modes of being and patterns of behavior that influence the world of our experience. On the left-hand side is mastery, in which we know ourselves – on levels deeper than the mind – to be the source of all that is. In mastery, we create consciously and life tends to work well. In mastery, we experience ease, grace, and an upwelling of joy. On the right-hand side is ego, fear, confusion, and suffering. In the ego pattern, actions are karmic, destructive, and disempowered. When we are in ego, we receive more negative feedback, which is one of the ways that life itself encourages us to shift to the left.

An Experiment

For each row, move your finger and/or eyes from side to side. Allow your attention to be guided to the location that corresponds to where you tend to operate in relation to your relationship with life, your relationship with truth, your level of clarity, etc. You may also do this for the other areas of your life. For instance, you could ask questions such as the following:

  • Where do I tend to operate in my relationship with [name]?
  • Where do I tend to operate when I am at work?
  • Where do I tend to operate when I am engaged in my favorite hobbies?

You might be surprised to discover where you are in mastery and where you could be still more alive, creative, and empowered.

Header Image by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels