Original and Ultimate Abidance

8 November 2020 (First version 24 September 2020)

The below phrases and alignment statement indicate a path of enlightenment beyond enlightenment. Each step is initiated by saying “yes” within the deepest roots of your being. Hold the feeling of “yes” in your heart as you commune with each quality, activity, and recognition, culminating in the Presence – You! – that surpasses all journeys and teachings of awakening.

Four Qualities of Stabilized Enlightenment

  1. Fear does not arise.
  2. Conflict does not manifest.
  3. One has the ability to shift collective fields of expression (e.g., humanity).
  4. There is a growing love for all that is.

Three Activities of Enlightenment

  1. Completion of previous (unawakened) life circumstances
  2. An outpouring of wisdom and service
  3. Releasing of the light contained in form

Three Recognitions of Enlightenment

  1. There is a final freedom beyond freedom-from (subtle aversion) and freedom-to (subtle grasping).
  2. All of creation bows down in recognition of profound awakeness.
  3. The negation that seemed to give rise to the experience of separation is itself negated.

Original and Ultimate Abidance

Awake beyond the quest for enlightenment, beyond and prior to the subtlest trace of self, in the unsurpassed knowing and potentiality of God beyond and prior to all constructs, it is totally recognized and established that:

  1. This which is me and that I am is the true original source.
  2. The recognition of most-pround identity reveals the gates beyond even the subtlest dilemma of self.
  3. Beyond all notions of enlightenment, inconceivable potential opens to the profound ground of ultimate abiding.
  4. In the utter awakeness of direct recognition, it is obvious that there have never been confused beings working to liberate themselves.
  5. In the utter awakeness of direct recognition, it is obvious that there has been no world of illusion in need of healing and remediation.
  6. In the utter awakeness of direct recognition, it is obvious that all words are essentially empty of meaning.
  7. NOW that the essence beyond is recognized, all is known to be good, all are known to be happy, and all are known to be free in spontaneous presence.
  8. NOW that the essence beyond is recognized directly, this which is me and that I am is known within my true abode.
  9. THIS is original and ultimate abidance, in which all is allowed to be precisely as it is.

Header Photo by Heiko Stein from Pixabay