Highly Recommended Offerings

One of my favorite activities is making recommendations that I know will benefit clients and friends. The following offerings dovetail nicely with the Transformation Sessions I provide, and they will support you in skillfully navigating these times:

  • Thank You, Money is a beautiful program by Sarah McCrum that will help you to partner with money in creating the life of prosperity and generosity that you would love to experience. Sarah is the author of Love Money, Money Loves You, which conveys a new way of being with money that has worked well for me.
  • Maria Baeck is a highly intuitive coach who has developed a fresh approach to soulful living and spiritual freedom. Maria will assist you in connecting with your soul so that you can show up fully and lead a life that is filled with heart and meaning. If her gorgeous website resonates, you can book a free curiosity call.
  • David Router is a genius at healing and awakening the energy systems of the human body. His work activates latent capacities and additional senses, releases unhelpful influences and patterns, and reintegrates the innumerable energies of your being so that you can live with full vitality and consciousness and love your life.

Header Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay Image by edbo23 from Pixabay