The Consciousness of Money:

Discover the True Power and Generosity of Money

  The Consciousness of Money will upgrade your operating system for money, and life. Through an exploration of how you and the people close to you think, feel, and act around money, you will discover the sheer beauty of partnering with a loving, generous energy and consciousness, which exists to support connection, creativity, and flourishing. ​Join us for a great adventure of epiphanies and empowerment, which will give you the consciousness needed to literally become the new economy, to bring forth beauty in all that you do, and to create thriving businesses and organizations that benefit the world.

If This Already Resonates for You…

We offer The Consciousness of Money in several formats: retreats, online courses, workshops, and a monthly membership for CoM graduates called Manifestation Central. The three-day retreats are a deep dive into money, life, and love – perfect if you’re looking to make a major transformation in your life or business. The online courses are excellent for building momentum over time. It can be helpful to do more than one. The following links will take you to the main Consciousness of Money website, where you can learn more and register:

A Portal to the New Consciousness

Money is so much more than we have realized. It is a life partner, a lover, and even a teacher that weaves through everything we do. Money speaks the language of love with everyone. Accepting it wholeheartedly opens us to radical possibilities for fulfillment and prosperity, and doing so turns out to be of utmost significance in these times of unprecedented change. Prepare to step through a portal into an awakened, joyful, and empowered way of being.

“Indescribably Delicious”

Led by Sarah McCrum, Jeff Vander Clute, and Niko Dujmovic, The Consciousness of Money combines deeply connected, co-creative conversations with an inquiry into Energy and Consciousness, and processes such as Resonance Mapping that bring heightened clarity to business and life decisions. The result is profound life transformation that will enable you to make the greatest contribution through doing what you love.

Benefits & Outcomes

During the three-day retreats:
  • Shift into a new, loving relationship with Money
  • Bring this new consciousness into your business/organization
  • Experience breakthroughs and revelations
  • Broaden your vision for what is possible in your life
  • Strengthen your connection to inner wisdom
  • Achieve clarity regarding your purpose, direction, and opportunities that are fully aligned with life
  • Step into the new pattern of human consciousness and taste the new economy
  • Meet a community of fellow travelers on the journey
Additional with the weeklong residencies, and over time:
  • Orient yourself to start growing your business based on the new relationship with money
  • Deepen into what it really means to be thriving in the new pattern of human consciousness
  • Hone your skills to manifest tangible results
  • Become consciously connected to the abundance that is always available
  • Recalibrate your business/organization and life for the next level of contribution
Additionally, through follow-up activities and engagement:
  • Create new wealth and prosperity on an ongoing basis
  • Partner with others who are operating in the new consciousness
  • Grow and measure the impact/contribution of your business/organization
  • Share the prosperity and co-create the new economy

Schedule of Retreats and Courses

The schedule of Consciousness of Money events is in the calendar below. Dates and times are given in your local time zone. You may check which time zone is shown at the bottom right. Feel free to write to us at with questions or for more information about how to participate. You may also wish to visit the main website for The Consciousness of Money.