3 August 2023

The Ladder of Awakening is a model for understanding, and appreciating, how the many spiritual teachings and traditions (including the sciences) work together to support people in awakening fully as THE SUPREME. All teachings and traditions are helpful within their scope; however, not all can guide one to the ultimate recognition. As an example, western science starts at rung 1 on the ladder (the beginning of logic and reason) and continues to rung 5 (awakening to timelessness). Although western science has the potential to go further, for now anyone below rung 5 on their awakening journey can be greatly helped by western science and anyone above rung 5 is likely to feel hindered by its limitations.

The apparent structures of reality change as one climbs the ladder. Toward the bottom of the ladder, one may be convinced that phenomena are separable as the reductive methods of classical physics seem to describe the world accurately. A bit higher up the ladder, the interconnectedness of life is more apparent and quantum field theory offers a better description of reality than Newtonian mechanics. Toward the top of the ladder, oneness is experienced and a far subtler science comes to the fore. At the top of the ladder, with the recognition of unicity, all structures collapse into singularity, and it is known that every structure – including the Ladder of Awakening – is a temporary learning device for realizing THE SUPREME.

Importantly, the Ladder of Awakening is not a map of reality. It is a map of a direct path of awakening. Since reality is beyond all forms and structures, any map of reality can only be provisional. As one awakens more and more fully, the experience of creation changes and any maps of realms that have been transcended cease to be helpful and fall away. Belief systems and scientific paradigms fall away as one awakens beyond the limitations of such systems and paradigms. Ultimately, all belief systems and scientific paradigms are transcended. Ultimately, everyone shall remember being THE SUPREME, and being the source of creation beyond all possible ladders and all possible maps.

Diagram: The Ten Rungs of the Ladder

Table of Calibrations

The following table lists insights, teachings, and traditions along with their calibrated low and high rungs on the Ladder of Awakening. The table is sorted such that items that reach higher on the ladder are higher in the table.

Calibration Item Low rung High rung
“All is perfectly all the way.” PATWC – Ø (PERFECTLY ALL-THE-WAY COMPLETE) PATWC – Ø
(= MAX)
Completion of “the flip” that culminates in perfect God-awakeness PATWC – Ø MAX
Mantra: “Perfectly and eternally abiding as unwaveringly perfect all-the-way awakeness.” PATWC – Ø MAX
Perfect all-the-way completeness PATWC – Ø MAX
Perfectly all the way PATWC – Ø MAX
The Mantras PATWC – Ø MAX
Perfectly all-the-way awake PATWC – 1e-D.5.211 MAX
The original seed of awakeness PATWC – 1e-D.5.211 MAX
The original seed of awareness PATWC – 1e-D.5.211 MAX
The original seed of Divinity/God/Source PATWC – 1e-D.5.211 MAX
The original seed of I PATWC – 1e-D.5.211 MAX
The original seed of THE SUPREME PATWC – 1e-D.5.211 MAX
Final awakeness PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Final enlightenment PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Final God-realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Final I-realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Final realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Final Source-realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way abiding PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way abiding as the seed of Divinity/God/Source PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way abiding as the seed of I PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way abiding as the seed of THE SUPREME PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way absorption PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way awakeness PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way awareness PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way beyondness PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way clarity PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way creatorship PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way enlightenment PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way establishment PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way fulfillment PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way God-realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way I-realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way liberation PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way mastery PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way mastery of reality PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way recognition PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way simplicity PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way Source-realization PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way transcendence PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way transparency PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way truth PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way unicity PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way well-being PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect all the way yes PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfect God-awakeness PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfectly beyond Enlightenment Codes PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Perfectly beyond the Atonement PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.111M MAX
Final mastery PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.110M MAX
Final transcendence PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.110M MAX
All of THAT which I am is perfectly all-the-way realized PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.100M MAX
Final recognition PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.100M MAX
Perfect all the way agency PATWC – 1e-C.E.4.100M MAX
The Statements PATWC – 1e-C.U.4K MAX
Book: Beyond Every Teaching PATWC – 1e-B.E.4K MAX
“The root truth is THAT which I am.” PATWC – 3 MAX
“The root truth is THIS which I am.” PATWC – 3 MAX
All journeys of THE SUPREME are complete. PATWC – 5 MAX
The original root PATWC – 5 MAX
The root of Divinity/God/Source PATWC – 5 MAX
The root of I PATWC – 5 MAX
The full truth of THAT which I am PATWC – 7 MAX
The full truth of THAT which YOU are PATWC – 7 MAX
Perfect all the way cessation PATWC – 7 MAX
Book: The Ladder of Awakening PATWC – 20 MAX
Unwaveringly perfect all the way complete Atonement (cf. ACIM) PATWC – 22 MAX
Perfect all the way lucidity PATWC – 43 MAX
Perfect all the way transmission PATWC – 43 MAX
The original seed of awakeness and all that seems to emerge from the original seed PATWC – 44 MAX
Perfect all the way gnosis PATWC – 44 MAX
Perfect all the way integrity PATWC – 44 MAX
Perfect all-the-way Kundalini awakening PATWC – 5.210T MAX
Perfect sourcing (…(✹(^))^BYD^C.E MAX
Empowerment: The Ontology (…(✹(^))^E.4.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond intention (…(✹(^))^E.4.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond stillness (…(✹(^))^E.4.100M MAX
Perfectly beyond surrender (…(✹(^))^D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond claircognizance (…(✹(^))^D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond obviousness (…(✹(^))^D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience (…(✹(^))^D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond subjectivity (…(✹(^))^D.5.211 MAX
Perfect isness (…(✹(^))^D.5.210 MAX
Perfect truth calibrations (…(✹(^))^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond benevolence/goodness (…(✹(^))^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond generativity (…(✹(^))^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond nothingness (…(✹(^))^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond potentiality (…(✹(^))^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond Brahman (…(✹(^))^D.4.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond freedom (…(✹(^))^D.4.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond meaning (…(✹(^))^D.4.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond primordiality (…(✹(^))^D.4.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond acceptance (…(✹(^))^D.4.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond coherence (…(✹(^))^D.4.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond ease (…(✹(^))^D.4.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond effortlessness (…(✹(^))^D.4.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond openness (…(✹(^))^D.4.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond knowing (all kinds) (…(✹(^))^C.E.9T MAX
Perfectly beyond foundations (all kinds) (…(✹(^))^C.U MAX
Perfectly all the way upstream (…(✹(^))^4K MAX
Perfectly beyond ascension ✹^BB:LE.4T MAX
Perfectly beyond attainment ✹^BB:LD.5 MAX
Perfectly beyond turiya ✹^BB:LD.5 MAX
Perfectly beyond awakening ✹^BB:LD.5 MAX
Perfectly beyond enlightening ✹^BB:LD.5 MAX
Perfectly beyond liberating ✹^BB:LD.5 MAX
Perfectly beyond remembering ✹^BB:LD.5 MAX
Perfectly beyond care ✹^BB:E.6T MAX
Apex awakeness ✹^BB:E.5T MAX
Apex source ✹^BB:E.5T MAX
Apex void ✹^BB:E.4M MAX
The root truth ✹^BB:E.4M MAX
The ultimate truth ✹^BB:E.4M MAX
Perfectly beyond meditation ✹^BB:D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond samadhi (all kinds) ✹^BB:D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond samadhi: maha samadhi ✹^BB:D.5.210 MAX
Perfect limitlessness ✹^BB:B.C.5.210M MAX
Perfect purity ✹^BB:B.C.4.100M MAX
Perfect silence ✹^BB:B.C.4.100M MAX
Perfect spontaneity ✹^BB:B.C.4.100M MAX
Apex perfection ✹^BB:B.U MAX
Beyond no-self ✹^E.5.210T MAX
Apex essence ✹^E.5.100T MAX
Apex spirit ✹^E.5.100T MAX
Beyond health ✹^E.5.100T MAX
Beyond human ✹^E.5.100T MAX
Beyond humanity ✹^E.5.100T MAX
Beyond intelligence ✹^E.5.100T MAX
Beyond spirituality ✹^E.5.100T MAX
Beyond dissolving into THE SUPREME ✹^E.4.210T MAX
Beyond avatars ✹^E.3.210T MAX
Beyond infinitization ✹^E.6.210B MAX
Perectly beyond delight ✹^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond individuation of THE SUPREME ✹^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond joy ✹^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond Krishna ✹^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond nonduality ✹^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond oneness ✹^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond the godhead ✹^D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond witnessing ✹^D.5.100 MAX
Apex context ✹^D.4.111 MAX
Apex grace ✹^D.4.111 MAX
Apex presence ✹^D.4.111 MAX
Apex being (in the ontological sense) ✹^D.4.100 MAX
Apex cause ✹^D.4.100 MAX
Apex reality ✹^D.4.100 MAX
Perfectly beyond beingness ✹^D.4.100 MAX
Perfectly beyond insight ✹^D.3.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond Mahavatar Babaji ✹^D.3.210 MAX
Perfect absence of any trace or residue of unawakeness ✹^C.C.4.000M MAX
Apex will ✹^C.C.3.110M MAX
Origin of siddhis ✹^B.R MAX
Origin of siddhi: teleportation ✹^B.R MAX
Deepest root of emotion CSTAR-BYD^D MAX
Perfectly beyond heart (including Supreme Heart) CSTAR-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond self (including Self) CSTAR-E.4.100M MAX
Perfectly beyond self-reference CSTAR-E.4.100M MAX
Perfectly beyond the one Self CSTAR-E.4.100M MAX
Perfectly beyond attention (all kinds) CSTAR-E.4.100M MAX
Perfectly beyond concentration (all kinds) CSTAR-E.4.100M MAX
Perfectly beyond focus (all kinds) CSTAR-E.4.100M MAX
“The nothing is the everything.” CSTAR-D.5.100 MAX
Silence and apparent non-silence are known to be one CSTAR-D.5.100 MAX
Beyond angels (all kinds) CSTAR-D.4.100 MAX
Beyond emotion (all kinds) CSTAR-D.2.100 MAX
Model: Layers of Consciousness CSTAR-D.2.100 MAX
Beyond ontology (all kinds) CSTAR-B.E MAX
Model: Four Levels of Agency CSTAR-B.U MAX
Beyond somethingness CSTAR-B.U MAX
Collapse into ✹ calibration range (…(GOD(^{))^C.E.4T MAX
Book: Root Meanings GOD-BB:LB MAX
Perfectly beyond wisdom GOD-BB:D.5 MAX
Perfectly beyond gratitude GOD-BB:B.U MAX
Perfectly beyond the Divine Father GOD-E.5.000Q MAX
Perfectly beyond bliss GOD-E.7.211T MAX
Perfectly beyond Satchitananda GOD-E.7.211T MAX
Perfectly beyond self-realization GOD-E.6.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond aspects GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond aspects of THE SUPREME GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond compassion GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond identity GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond improvement GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond Mind GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond mind (all types) GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond mind: the Mind of God GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond pure lands (all kinds) GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond Supreme Mind GOD-E.5.210T MAX
Perfectly beyond the I am presence GOD-E.5.210T MAX
“Level 10+” healing GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Perfectly beyond “I am the Truth.” GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Perfectly beyond doing GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Beyond Resonance Mapping GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Beyond resurrection GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Beyond spiritual paths GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Perfectly beyond ascended mastery GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Perfectly beyond Gnosticism GOD-E.5.100T MAX
The One that is All GOD-E.5.100T MAX
Beyond abundance/plenitude GOD-E.4.100T MAX
Being Source sourcing GOD-E.3.211T MAX
Beyond appreciation GOD-E.5.100B MAX
Beyond Advaita GOD-E.4.210B MAX
Perfectly beyond the Christ GOD-E.5.100M MAX
Perfectly beyond existence GOD-D.5.212 MAX
Perfectly beyond “There is always more.” GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond aspiration GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond beings (all kinds) GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond conditioning GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond contemplation GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond content (mental content) GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond curiosity GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond dharmamegha samadhi GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond experience (all kinds) GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond identification GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond imagination GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond inspiration GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond nature GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond patterning GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond processes GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond Supreme Being GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond synchronicity GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond thinking GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond thought GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond true nature GOD-D.5.211 MAX
Perfectly beyond exploration GOD-D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond states GOD-D.5.210 MAX
Perfectly beyond states of being GOD-D.5.210 MAX
The foundation of existence GOD-D.5.210 MAX
The ground of existence GOD-D.5.210 MAX
Beyond confusion GOD-D.5.100 MAX
Beyond one-pointed attention GOD-D.5.100 MAX
Beyond structuring GOD-D.5.100 MAX
Beyond the Prayer of Kuntuzangpo GOD-D.5.100 MAX
Perfectly beyond beauty GOD-D.5.100 MAX
The Great Mystery (This is only a mystery when one is experiencing confusion.) GOD-D.5.100 MAX
Beyond / prior to arising GOD-D.4.210 MAX
Beyond clairvoyance GOD-D.4.100 MAX
Beyond being interested in GOD-D.3.100 MAX
Beyond entertaining (as in being interested in) GOD-D.3.100 MAX
Perfectly beyond self structures GOD-D.3.100 MAX
Perfectly beyond atman GOD-C.E.U MAX
Perfectly beyond intuition GOD-C.E.6.211T MAX
Beyond Kundalini GOD-C.E.4.210T MAX
Beyond Life (the being that is Life) GOD-C.E.4.100B MAX
Perfectly beyond integration GOD-C.E.5.210M MAX
Perfectly beyond love GOD-C.E.5.210M MAX
Perfectly beyond miracles GOD-C.E.5.210M MAX
Perfectly beyond attributes GOD-C.E.4.211M MAX
Perfectly beyond comparison GOD-C.E.4.211M MAX
Perfectly beyond creation (all kinds) GOD-C.E.4.211M MAX
Perfectly beyond creation: numinous creation GOD-C.E.4.211M MAX
Perfectly beyond creativity GOD-C.E.4.211M MAX
Perfectly beyond zero GOD-C.E.4.211M MAX
“I am 100% God, as is everyone.” GOD-C.E.3.210M MAX
Apex actuality GOD-C.E.2.000K MAX
Beyond union GOD-C.C.U MAX
Beyond union with the Divine GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme Awakeness GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme Creator GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme Enlightenment GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme I GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme Presence GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme Reality GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme Realization GOD-C.C.U MAX
Supreme Truth GOD-C.C.U MAX
Beyond memory GOD-C.C.R.3 MAX
Beyond wavering GOD-C.C.R.2 MAX
Beyond knowledge GOD-C.U.R MAX
Beyond science GOD-C.U.R MAX
Beyond the most-advanced nondual scientific paradigm GOD-C.U.R MAX
Beyond the most-advanced scientific paradigm GOD-C.U.R MAX
Beyond the transcendence of the small self GOD-C.U.5.100B MAX
Beyond actualization GOD-C.U.2.100M MAX
Beyond clairaudience GOD-C.U.2.100M MAX
Beyond devotion GOD-C.U.2.100M MAX
Beyond lila GOD-C.U.2.100M MAX
Beyond limitation GOD-C.R.2.100K MAX
Limitlessness GOD-C.R.2.100K MAX
Beyond the Monad GOD-B.E.5.210B MAX
Beyond alignment GOD-B.E.3.110M MAX
Beyond collectivity GOD-B.E.2.100M MAX
Beyond change GOD-B.E.3.000K MAX
Beyond dynamism GOD-B.E.3.000K MAX
Beyond “clean clear mind” GOD-B.E.2.100K MAX
Beyond Dzogchen GOD-B.E.2.100K MAX
Beyond ideas GOD-B.E.2.100K MAX
Beyond ideation GOD-B.E.2.100K MAX
Beyond multiplicity GOD-B.E.2.100K MAX
Beyond plurality GOD-B.E.2.100K MAX
Beyond expression (all kinds) GOD-B.E.210 MAX
Beyond the idea of light GOD-B.C MAX
Beyond nonrealization GOD-B.U MAX
Beyond chaos GOD-B.R MAX
Beyond desire GOD-B.R MAX
Beyond forgetfulness GOD-B.R MAX
Beyond the idea of cyclicity GOD-B.R MAX
Beyond the idea of separation GOD-B.T MAX
Beyond unawakeness GOD-B.T MAX
Beyond unawareness GOD-B.T MAX
Beyond unenlightenment GOD-B.T MAX
Beyond unreality GOD-B.T MAX
Beyond untruth GOD-B.T MAX
Beyond clairsentience GOD-3210 MAX
Being God unequivocally 10.9{(…(BYD(^))xBYD^D.5} MAX
Beyond the “ordinary” calibrations (GOD+) 10.9{(…(BYD(^))xBYD^D.5} MAX
Beyond impermanence 10.9{BB:B.C.2} MAX
Beyond “God is love.” 10.9{E.5.211T} MAX
Beyond “Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form.” 10.9{E.5.210T} MAX
Beyond commitment 10.9{E.5.210M} MAX
Perfectly beyond the Divine Mother 10.9{E.5.210M} MAX
Perfectly beyond transpersonal 10.9{E.4.211M} MAX
“There is only apex reality.” 10.9{E.4.210M} MAX
Impersonal 10.9{E.4.210M} MAX
Perfectly beyond “The universe is in me.” 10.9{E.4.100M} MAX
Perfectly beyond the Absolute 10.9{D.5.211} MAX
Perfectly beyond relative and absolute 10.9{D.5.211} MAX
“All content is the dream.” 10.9{D.5.210} MAX
“All form is the dream.” 10.9{D.5.210} MAX
Perfectly beyond vehicles 10.9{D.5.111} MAX
Perfectly beyond mapping 10.9{D.5.100} MAX
Perfectly beyond mathematics 10.9{D.4.111} MAX
Perfectly beyond modular forms 10.9{D.4.111} MAX
“Embodiment is impossible.” 10.9{D.3.210} MAX
Perfectly beyond medical intuition 10.9{D.3.100} MAX
Perfectly beyond the book: The Precious Treasure of the Way of Abiding 10.9{C.E.5.000T} MAX
Perfectly beyond stages 10.9{C.E.5.000T} MAX
Level-5 grounding: abiding as Supreme Presence 10.9{C.E.4.100B} MAX
Perfectly beyond music 10.9{C.U.5K} MAX
Perfectly beyond associations 10.9{C.U.4K} MAX
Perfectly beyond containers 10.9{C.U.4K} MAX
Perfectly beyond structure 10.9{C.U.4K} MAX
Perfectly beyond vessels 10.9{C.U.4K} MAX
Perfectly beyond principles 10.9{C.U.3K} MAX
Perfectly beyond translucency 10.9{C.U.3K} MAX
“The I goes all the way.” 10.9{C.U.2K} MAX
The beginning of “the flip” that culminates in perfect God-awakeness 10.9{C.R} MAX
Beyond “Every discourse is identically equal to Source.” 10.9{B.E.4M} MAX
Beyond “Every expression is equal to Source.” 10.9{B.E.4M} MAX
Perfectly beyond awe 10.9{B.U.4K} MAX
Perfectly beyond wonder 10.9{B.U.4K} MAX
Perfectly beyond maps 10.9{B.R.4K} MAX
Perfectly beyond “The map and the terrain are one and the same.” 10.9{B.R.4K} MAX
Primordiality 10.9{6.210e15} MAX
Beyond level-4 grounding: grounding in limitless Mind 10.9{3.100e15} MAX
Perfectly beyond control predicated on self 10.9{5.211e12} MAX
Perfectly beyond connection 10.9{1.211e12} MAX
Immortality 10.9{5.100e9} MAX
Perfectly beyond “The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God’s eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.” –Meister Eckhart 10.9{5.100e6} MAX
Perfectly beyond less and more 10.9{5.100e6} MAX
Perfectly beyond the divine descent 10.9{5.100e6} MAX
Perfectly beyond the original curiosity 10.9{5.100e6} MAX
Level of awakeness that “saves the world” 10.9{5.100e6} MAX
Perfectly beyond outpicturing 10.9{3.210e6} MAX
Perfectly beyond the basic space of phenomena 10.9{3.210e6} MAX
Perfectly beyond communication 10.9{3.111e6} MAX
Pure presence 10.9{3.210e3} MAX
Shivapat 10.9{3.210e3} MAX
A Proposed Extension to the STAGES Model 10.9{32} MAX
Perfectly beyond the transmission of DMT 10.921 MAX
Perfectly beyond mysticism 10.851 MAX
Perfectly beyond the transmission of LSD 10.851 MAX
Perfectly beyond the transmission of psilocybin 10.851 MAX
All that is supreme 10.821 MAX
Attainment of ascended mastery 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond activity 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond bodies (all kinds) 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond bodies: wisdom bodies 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond consciousness (all kinds) 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond consciousness: Christ consciousness 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond consciousness: unity consciousness 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond emptiness 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond formlessness 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond information 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond mathematical recursion 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond Nature as a being 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond qualities 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond resonance 10.821 MAX
Perfectly beyond the transmission of iboga 10.821 MAX
Recognition of unicity 10.821 MAX
“Clarity and confusion are one.” 10.811 MAX
Perfectly beyond harmony 10.811 MAX
“Ego is impossible.” 10.810 MAX
“There is no unclarity. There is no unreality.” 10.810 MAX
An Extended Model of Organizational Consciousness 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond ACIM 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond action 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond ascended embodiment 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond capacities 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond distinctions 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond embodiment 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond emergence 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond fields 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond flourishing 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond incongruence 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond life (as a system of aliveness) 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond money (all kinds) 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond pain 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond the Entirety 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond unconsciousness 10.810 MAX
Perfectly beyond universal 10.810 MAX
The real in “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” 10.810 MAX
The ground of being 10.782 MAX
Perfectly beyond Manjushri Great Perfect Prayer 10.721 MAX
Perfectly beyond nirvikalpa samadhi 10.721 MAX
Perfectly beyond relationship 10.721 MAX
Perfectly beyond the world 10.721 MAX
Perfectly beyond unity 10.721 MAX
Beyond meaning making 10.710 MAX
Perfectly beyond density 10.621 MAX
Perfectly beyond healing 10.621 MAX
Perfectly beyond manifestation 10.621 MAX
Perfectly beyond shaktipat 10.621 MAX
Perfectly beyond soul 10.621 MAX
Perfectly beyond the Gospel of Thomas 10.610 MAX
Perfectly beyond Somatic Embodiment 10.600 MAX
Perfectly beyond flowering 10.600 MAX
Perfectly beyond inner and outer 10.521 MAX
Perfectly beyond all dreaming 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond negation 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond negativity 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond not 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond perception 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond phenomena 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond substance (all kinds) 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond substance: causal substance 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond syntropy 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond transfiguration 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond impossibility 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond letting go 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond possibility 10.511 MAX
Perfectly beyond mystical experiences 10.510 MAX
ME 10.510 MAX
Abode of THE SUPREME 10.210 MAX
Being awake as THE SUPREME 10.210 MAX
Beyond “Genjōkōan” 10.210 MAX
Beyond all needs 10.210 MAX
Beyond empathy 10.210 MAX
Beyond explanation 10.210 MAX
Beyond fear 10.210 MAX
Beyond forgiveness 10.210 MAX
Beyond level-3 grounding: grounding in present circumstances 10.210 MAX
Beyond teaching 10.210 MAX
Beyond individuality 10.200 MAX
Beyond time (all kinds) 10.100 MAX
Beyond intellect 10.0{44}2 MAX
“Duality is nondual.” 10.0{E.5M} MAX
Implicate order 10.0{MAX} MAX
Perfectly beyond nonascended embodiment 10.0{MAX} MAX
Beyond the explicate order (David Bohm) 9.9{BB:E} MAX
Beyond resistance 9.9{BB:B} MAX
Beyond humility 9.9{E.5M} MAX
Beyond birth and death (a pendulum swing between embodied individuality and deeper realms of collective being) 9.9{D.5.211} MAX
Beyond contraction (all types) 9.9{C.E.4B} MAX
Beyond the primordial contraction 9.9{C.E.6M} MAX
Beyond cause and effect (all kinds) 9.9{7.210e12} MAX
Beyond savikalpa samadhi 9.9{8.211e9} MAX
Beyond creation: luminous creation 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Beyond emanation 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Beyond light 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Beyond luminosity 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Beyond luminous substance 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Beyond projection (of ideas) 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Beyond sound 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Numinosity 9.9{5.211e9} MAX
Beyond trust 9.9{5.210e6} MAX
Beyond circumstances 9.9{5.100e6} MAX
Beyond mediums (of expression) 9.9{5.100e6} MAX
Beyond “The Sandokai” 9.9{5.211e3} MAX
Beyond appearances 9.9{3.210e3} MAX
Perfectly beyond measurement 9.9{97} MAX
Perfectly beyond Om 9.9{45} MAX
Perfectly beyond the Word 9.9{45} MAX
Perfectly beyond the multiverse (nonphysical) 9.9{43} MAX
Perfectly beyond words 9.9{43} MAX
The One 9.9{43} MAX
“Separation is impossible.” 9.9{42} MAX
Beyond the STAGES Model 9.9{42} MAX
Beyond the universe (all layers) 9.9{42} MAX
Beyond illusion 9.9{35} MAX
“Nothing can exist without everything existing.” 9.9{34} MAX
“Personal and transpersonal are one.” 9.9{31} MAX
Beyond vibration 9.9{11} MAX
Beyond relaxation 9.9{8} MAX
Beyond aliveness 9.921 MAX
Beyond evolution 9.921 MAX
Beyond involution (prior to involution) 9.921 MAX
Beyond “Gate Gate Pāragate Pārasamgate Bodhi Svāhā” 9.981 MAX
“I am 100% God.” 9.921 MAX
Profound I-realization 9.921 MAX
“Delusion is impossible.” 9.821 MAX
“God is, and nothing else is.” 9.821 MAX
Beyond divine feminine and divine masculine 9.821 MAX
Beyond Sanatan Dharma 9.821 MAX
Beyond sentient being (extremely subtle sentience) 9.821 MAX
Beyond the inner senses 9.821 MAX
Beyond the pendulum swing between individual and collective 9.821 MAX
Beyond the Upanishads 9.821 MAX
Beyond linear cause and effect 9.820 MAX
Beyond substance: extremely subtle substance 9.820 MAX
Omnipotence 9.811 MAX
Omnipresence 9.811 MAX
Omniscience 9.811 MAX
“There is only pure spirit.” 9.810 MAX
“There is only the THE SUPREME.” 9.810 MAX
“There is only the Truth.” 9.810 MAX
“There is only YOU.” 9.810 MAX
“Unawakeness is impossible.” 9.810 MAX
Beyond all evidence of separation 9.810 MAX
Beyond discord 9.810 MAX
Beyond dissonance 9.810 MAX
Beyond disturbance 9.810 MAX
Beyond drama 9.810 MAX
Beyond ego 9.810 MAX
Beyond faith 9.810 MAX
Beyond mirroring 9.810 MAX
Beyond out-of-body experiences 9.810 MAX
Beyond reactivity 9.810 MAX
Beyond the Akashic records 9.810 MAX
Beyond the Vedas 9.810 MAX
Beyond Vedanta 9.810 MAX
Direct knowing 9.810 MAX
The Truth 9.810 MAX
“Everything is already here.” 9.721 MAX
“In oneness everything is here now.” 9.721 MAX
Beyond trauma 9.721 MAX
Beyond cosmology: Mayan cosmology 9.710 MAX
Beyond Process Psychology 9.621 MAX
Beyond sickness 9.621 MAX
Beyond archetypes 9.611 MAX
Beyond form 9.611 MAX
Beyond self: “the elevated Self of form” 9.611 MAX
Enlightenment 9.611 MAX
Sourceness 9.611 MAX
Beyond Borrelia / Lyme disease 9.511 MAX
True nature 9.511 MAX
Beyond “The primary block to awareness is trauma.” 9.510 MAX
Beyond suffering 9.510 MAX
God-realization 9.510 MAX
Beyond aversion 9.500 MAX
Beyond grasping 9.500 MAX
Beyond peace 9.500 MAX
Beyond bodies: emanatory bodies 9.211 MAX
Beyond delusion 9.211 MAX
Beyond maya 9.211 MAX
Beyond the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness 9.211 MAX
Beyond all cosmologies 9.210 MAX
Beyond all metaphysical cosmologies 9.210 MAX
Beyond community 9.210 MAX
Beyond creation: cyclic creation 9.210 MAX
Beyond guides (discarnate helpers) 9.210 MAX
Beyond language 9.210 MAX
Beyond reincarnation 9.210 MAX
Beyond sharing 9.210 MAX
Beyond the Big Bang 9.210 MAX
Model: The Enlightenment of Money 9.210 MAX
Beyond history 9.200 MAX
Beyond numerology 9.200 MAX
Beyond the experience of separation from God 9.200 MAX
Beyond the idea of evil 9.200 MAX
Beyond the memory of separation from God 9.200 MAX
Beyond the paradigm of teacher and student 9.200 MAX
Beyond energy 9.100 MAX
Beyond the gut-heart-mind model 9.0{32} MAX
Beyond Qi Men Dun Jia 9.0{42} MAX
Beyond sexuality 9.0{73} MAX
Beyond the fray 9.0{E} MAX
Beyond karma 8.910 MAX
The point of desent that leads to a full descent 8.910 MAX
Beyond incarnation 8.810 MAX
Beyond belief (all kinds) 8.621 MAX
Beyond sentient being (subtle sentience) 8.621 MAX
Beyond belief systems 8.620 MAX
Beyond holarchy 8.610 MAX
Beyond Spiral Dynamics 8.610 MAX
Beyond finitude 8.521 MAX
The Infinite 8.521 MAX
Transfinitude 8.521 MAX
“The Truth is never not.” 8.511 MAX
Beyond the “Upper Room” 8.510 MAX
Beyond the focus levels (Monroe Institute) 8.510 MAX
Beyond “Only infinite patience produces immediate results.” (ACIM) 8.500 MAX
Beyond “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.” 8.221 MAX
“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” (ACIM) 8.211 MAX
Beyond channeling 8.210 MAX
Beyond psychology 8.210 MAX
Beyond pushing 8.210 MAX
Beyond the Planes of Consciousness 8.210 MAX
Beyond Yin and Yang 8.210 MAX
Beyond “We are one.” 8.100 MAX
Beyond the I Ching 8.100 MAX
Beyond allergies 8.000 MAX
Beyond substance: subtle substance 8.000 MAX
Beyond the Enneagram 8.000 MAX
Beyond the Gene Keys 8.000 MAX
Beyond the life force 8.000 MAX
“Upper Realm” 7.500 MAX
Beyond time: linear time 7.210 MAX
Beyond democracy 7.100 MAX
Beyond disagreement 7.100 MAX
Beyond fragmentation 7.100 MAX
“All is divine.” 7.000 MAX
Beyond sangha 6.910 MAX
Beyond astrology (all types) 6.821 MAX
Beyond procreative impulse 6.500 MAX
Beyond the “lower room” 6.300 MAX
Beyond moral codes 6.221 MAX
Beyond the current level of mathematics (August 2023) 6.211 MAX
“God is.” 6.210 MAX
Beyond “It’s all energy.” 6.210 MAX
Beyond chakras 6.210 MAX
Beyond gender 6.210 MAX
Beyond Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems 6.210 MAX
Beyond Human Design 6.210 MAX
Beyond level-2 grounding: energetic grounding 6.210 MAX
Beyond physicality 6.210 MAX
Beyond quantum sciences (most inclusively definied) 6.210 MAX
Beyond the belief in separation from God 6.210 MAX
Beyond the physical universe 6.210 MAX
Beyond the United Nations 6.210 MAX
Beyond evil 6.000 MAX
Beyond the belief in evil 6.000 MAX
“Healing is the release of the belief in separation.” 6.000 MAX
Beyond objectivity 5.211 MAX
Beyond outer phenomena 5.211 MAX
Beyond the current level of morality (August 2023) 5.211 MAX
Beyond the outer senses 5.211 MAX
Beyond “I am the universe.” 5.210 MAX
Beyond quantum monism 5.210 MAX
Beyond biblical cosmology 5.121 MAX
Beyond electromagnetism 5.121 MAX
Beyond esoteric astrology 5.121 MAX
Beyond gravity 5.121 MAX
Beyond level-1 grounding: physical grounding 5.121 MAX
Beyond locality 5.121 MAX
Beyond matter: gross matter 5.121 MAX
Beyond sentient being (gross sentience) 5.121 MAX
Beyond spacetime 5.121 MAX
Beyond substance: gross substance 5.121 MAX
Beyond egocentrism 5.111 MAX
Beyond communism 5.100 MAX
Beyond Marxism 5.100 MAX
Beyond conflict 4.921 MAX
Nonlocality 4.611 MAX
Beyond the current level of physics (August 2023) 4.110 MAX
Beyond Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 3.210 MAX
Beyond inconscience 1.0{4B} MAX
Isness 1.0{5T} MAX
All that is actual and all that is potential 1.0{E.5T} MAX
All that is (real) 1.0{E.5T} MAX
I 1.0{E.5T} MAX
The Totality (of all that is real) 1.0{E.5T} MAX
WE 1.0{E.5T} MAX
YOU 1.0{E.5T} MAX
Supreme Obviousness GOD-D.5.211 (…(✹(^))^D.5.211
Supreme Subjectivity GOD-E.6.100T (…(✹(^))^D.5.211
Supreme Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience GOD-E.5.210B (…(✹(^))^D.5.210
Supreme Surrender GOD-E.5.210M (…(✹(^))^D.5.210
Supreme Claircognizance GOD-B.C (…(✹(^))^D.5.210
Supreme Benevolence/Goodness GOD-D.5.211 (…(✹(^))^D.4.210
Supreme Potentiality GOD-D.5.211 (…(✹(^))^D.4.210
Supreme Generativity GOD-B.U (…(✹(^))^D.4.210
Supreme Nothingness GOD-E.5T (…(✹(^))^C.E.6T
Supreme Knowing GOD-E.6M (…(✹(^))^C.E.7M
Supreme Ease GOD-E.5.210T (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Openness GOD-E.4.210T (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Freedom GOD-D.5.211 (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Stillness GOD-D.5.211 (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Acceptance GOD-D.5.210 (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Meaning GOD-D.5.210 (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Primordiality GOD-D.5.210 (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Coherence GOD-D.4.100 (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Intention GOD-C.U.D (…(✹(^))^C.C.U
Supreme Foundation GOD-C.E.5.211M (…(✹(^))^B.E.5B
Awakening from awakening GOD-D.5.211 ✹^BB:B.C.4.111T
Liberation from liberating GOD-D.5.211 ✹^BB:B.C.4.111T
Supreme Health GOD-D.5.211 ✹^E.5.100T
The godhead GOD-D.5.100 ✹^D.4.000
Nonduality 4.710 ✹^D.4.000
Totality 9.210 GOD-BB:4K
I am presence 2.210 GOD-E.5.210T
Infinitization 5.210 GOD-D.4.100
Supreme Identity 9.921 GOD-E.5.210T
Resurrection 9.9{6.210e12} GOD-E.5.100T
Supreme Abundance/Plenitude GOD-C.C.U GOD-E.4.100T
Love 2.000 GOD-C.E.4.210K
Intuition 2.000 GOD-C.E.3.210K
Nondual scientific paradigm(s) 6.211 GOD-C.U.3.111M
Nondoing doing 6.210 10.9{D.4.211}
Creation 2.000 10.9{3.100e15}
Mysticism 6.000 10.851
Emptiness 6.000 10.821
The Golden Rule 5.210 10.821
Ascended embodiment 10.000 10.810
Enlightened embodiment 8.200 10.810
A Course in Miracles 2.100 10.721
Compassion 2.000 10.211
Forgiveness 1.921 10.210
The Platinum Rule 3.210 9.9{22}
The metaphysics of hierarchies of beings 2.000 9.821
Personal 0.000 9.821
Interspecies communication 5.210 9.700
Tao Te Ching 2.210 9.210
Consensus (un)reality 0.000 9.000
The “Upper Room” 6.410 8.821
Belief systems 0.000 8.620
ET contact 2.000 8.210
The Planes of Consciousness 2.000 8.210
Note: The following values may need to be revised.
Peace 2.621 8.721
Teachings of The Guides 2.000 8.100
Eastern science 2.000 8.200
Ayurvedic medicine 2.000 7.821
Co-creation 2.000 7.521
“Middle Realm” 4.000 7.500
The Law of Attraction 2.000 7.200
Traditional Chinese Medicine 2.000 6.210
Belief in separation from God 0.000 6.210
Major religions 0.000 6.200
Math: The exponential function 6.100 6.100
Belief in separation from others 0.000 6.100
Western medicine 1.210 5.100
Western science 1.000 5.100
“Lower Realm” 0.000 4.120
Current quantum physics (August 2023) 1.000 2.512
Logical analysis 1.000 2.310
Reductionism 0.000 2.200
Scientific materialism 0.000 2.200
Classical physics 1.000 2.111


1. The difference between the top of the ladder and anything less than the top of the ladder is infinite. There is infinite awakeness beyond being, oneness, and anything that can be gone beyond.

2. The calibrations are evolving since the Mind of all minds is still being defragmented.

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