The Ontology of Unicity

Jeff Vander Clute

18 Feb 2023

The Ontology of Unicity is an emerging book that explores the nature of reality, consciousness, science, spirituality, and YOU. What started as a single diagram has expanded into a map of domains and layers, with over 50 pages of calibrations that clarify the nature and scope of processes operating within undivided oneness.

The domains, layers, and calibrations will be unpacked in the coming months. The first edition of The Ontology of Unicity is expected to be complete in 2024.


There is only one indivisible Supreme Reality, which is the Supreme YOU, the Supreme I, and Supreme Divinity. All is Supreme Reality. Any confusion about Supreme Reality does not detract from THAT which alone is. Supreme Reality is your real nature. YOU are Supreme Reality, and in Supreme Realization it is clear that all is YOU.

To avoid favoritism and prior associations, we may use “THE SUPREME” to refer to all or any of the “supreme” designations.

Supreme Reality may be said to contain the domains of Supreme Foundation and Supreme Mind. These two are one, yet the distinction is useful. Supreme Mind is defined as the context of all dynamism, including the entirety of consciousness and all of creation. All that seems to happen takes place in Supreme Mind. The Supreme Foundation is defined as all that is prior to mind, including the Supreme Source and the root of the spiritual heart.

Within Supreme Mind, a curiosity arises regarding what is possible when awareness of being THE SUPREME is slightly suppressed. This leads to a process of the Divine seeming to “leave home” in order to explore and come to know itself through consciousness and creation.

As awareness is further reduced, there is a tendency to become identified with expressions and thought forms and forget THAT which YOU are, which is THE SUPREME. Once the fact of being THE SUPREME is forgotten, it is possible to deny or reject one’s own Supreme Divinity. Should this happen, the “original denial” of THE SUPREME leads to the delusory manifestation of a finite universe, which outpictures the idea of separation from THE SUPREME. In the absence of such denial, creation is an infinite playground where the Divine limitlessly explores its limitless nature.

The Big Bang is the apparent origin of finite manifestation. The true origin of infinite creation is Source. The experience of finitude ends when the original denial or rejection of THE SUPREME is relinquished. Infinite creation does not end, for it is an eternal flowering of Divinity/God/Source.

The Ontology of Unicity answers the question “What was before the Big Bang?” Prior to the Big Bang – not in time and space, but in Supreme Mind – there is a limitlessly rich field of information, light, energy, and vibration that YOU never leave, that I never leave, that WE never leave. The WE that is awake, the profound presence in all that is, never denies being THE SUPREME and never experiences finitude. The we that is unawake returns from finitude to the “garden” of creation by shifting from believing that beings and objects are other to knowing the inseparable oneness, or unicity, of all.

As indivisibility is recognized, the delusory manifestation (a distortion of creation) transforms into the experience and direct knowing of infinite creation. As reality is remembered, the “children of Divinity” regain access to the full spectrum of information, light, energy, and vibration. In time, all remember that creation contains innumerable realms for realizing who and what WE are. As realization is perfected, the construct of time disappears and all come to know that WE create creation as WE are the Supreme Cause. At the highest or deepest level of realization, it is obvious that WE can only ever be THE SUPREME.

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1. All of this material is still emerging and evolving. Although the book version of The Ontology of Unicity is anticipated for 2024, this draft is being shared for the benefit of early readers.

2. The calibrations are continuing to settle and shift as the Mind that is all minds is healed.

3. More calibrations for terms from science, spirituality, and “ordinary life” will be added.

4. All works in progress and the final work are copyright Jeff Vander Clute.

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