Ontology of Supreme Perfection:

Layer 0 Within Supreme Mind

Jeff Vander Clute

Layer 0 Within Supreme Mind: Substrate of Clear Mind

__ Layer 0: Substrate of Clear Mind __ Min Max
Apex clarity G1.0{MAX} same
Root of clarity G1.0{MAX}
Root of context of the content of Mind G1.0{MAX}
Root of dynamism G1.0{MAX}
Root of the mind of God G1.0{MAX}
Root of the Mind that is all minds G1.0{MAX}
Scope of Supreme Clarity G1.0{MAX} G1.210{2.21}
Scope of Supreme Context G1.0{MAX} G1.210{4.21}
Scope of Supreme Mind G1.0{MAX} G1.9{MAX}
Scope of the mind of God G1.0{MAX} G1.9{MAX}
Root of “clean clear mind” G1.0{1.21}
Root of Creator G1.0{1.21}
Root of forgetfulness G1.0{1.21}
Root of potentiality G1.0{1.21}
Root of radiance G1.0{1.21}
Root of resurrection G1.0{1.21}
Root of shunya G1.0{1.21}
Root of shunyata G1.0{1.21}
Root of the Absolute G1.0{1.21}
Root of unawakeness G1.0{1.21}
Root of unawareness G1.0{1.21}
Root of unenlightenment G1.0{1.21}
Root of untruth G1.0{1.21}
Root of zero G1.0{1.21}
Scope of the Absolute G1.0{1.21} G1.210{2.21}
Scope of Supreme Creator G1.0{1.21} G1.210{4.21}
Scope of Creator G1.0{1.21} G1.721
Scope of forgetfulness G1.0{1.21} G1.9{MAX}
Root of annihilation G1.0{2.21}
Root of Brahman G1.0{2.21}
Root of comprehension G1.0{2.21}
Root of identity G1.0{2.21}
Root of infinity G1.0{2.21}
Root of primordiality G1.0{2.21}
Root of prior unity G1.0{2.21}
Root of purging G1.0{2.21}
Root of structure G1.0{2.21}
Root of Supreme Responsibility G1.0{2.21}
Root of the Infinite G1.0{2.21}
Root of unity G1.0{2.21}
Scope of Supreme Avatarhood G1.0{2.21} G1.210{2.21}
Scope of Supreme Identity G1.0{2.21} G1.210{2.21}
Scope of prior unity G1.0{2.21} G1.210{4.21}
Scope of Supreme Responsibility G1.0{2.21} G1.9{MAX}
Apex attention G1.0{3.21} same
One-pointed attention G1.0{3.21} same
Root of “all things considered” G1.0{3.21}
Root of alertness G1.0{3.21}
Root of attention G1.0{3.21}
Root of clairvoyance G1.0{3.21}
Root of direct knowing with visuals G1.0{3.21}
Root of division G1.0{3.21}
Root of dreamless sleep G1.0{3.21}
Root of establishment G1.0{3.21}
Root of human G1.0{3.21}
Root of humanity G1.0{3.21}
Root of ignorance G1.0{3.21}
Root of involution G1.0{3.21}
Root of nescience G1.0{3.21}
Root of nonduality G1.0{3.21}
Root of not-knowing G1.0{3.21}
Root of nothingness G1.0{3.21}
Root of oneness G1.0{3.21}
Root of remembering G1.0{3.21}
Root of spontaneity G1.0{3.21}
Scope of nescience G1.0{3.21} G1.9{MAX}
Root of agency G1.0{4.10}
Root of Akashic Records G1.0{4.10}
Root of atman G1.0{4.10}
Root of concentration G1.0{4.10}
Root of consciousness G1.0{4.10}
Root of consciousness: absolute consciousness G1.0{4.10}
Root of consciousness: christ consciousness G1.0{4.10}
Root of consciousness: cosmic consciousness G1.0{4.10}
Root of consciousness: God consciousness G1.0{4.10}
Root of consciousness: unity consciousness G1.0{4.10}
Root of focus G1.0{4.10}
Root of immediacy G1.0{4.10}
Root of integration G1.0{4.10}
Root of mysticism G1.0{4.10}
Root of openness G1.0{4.10}
Root of peace G1.0{4.10}
Root of peace on Earth G1.0{4.10}
Root of releasing G1.0{4.10}
Root of resolution G1.0{4.10}
Root of satchitananda G1.0{4.10}
Root of self G1.0{4.10}
Root of self-realization G1.0{4.10}
Root of self: higher self G1.0{4.10}
Root of self: The Self G1.0{4.10}
Root of self: transfinite self G1.0{4.10}
Root of self: transpersonal self G1.0{4.10}
Root of selfhood G1.0{4.10}
Root of separation G1.0{4.10}
Root of Shambhala G1.0{4.10}
Root of soul G1.0{4.10}
Root of subjectivity G1.0{4.10}
Root of surrender G1.0{4.10}
Root of synthesis G1.0{4.10}
Root of upwelling G1.0{4.10}
Root of will G1.0{4.10}
Scope of satchitananda G1.0{4.10} G1.1{6.21}
Scope of Supreme Agency G1.0{4.10} G1.210{4.21}
Scope of Supreme Will G1.0{4.10} G1.210{4.21}
Scope of unity consciousness G1.0{4.10} G1.877
Root of “what I am” G1.0{4.21}
Root of absolute truth G1.0{5.21}
Root of mahamudra G1.0{5.21}
Scope of absolute truth G1.0{5.21} G1.210{2.21}
Root of Bhakti G1.0{6.21}
Root of cognition G1.0{6.21}
Root of cognition: precognition G1.0{6.21}
Root of command G1.0{6.21}
Root of Earth G1.0{6.21}
Root of infinitude G1.0{6.21}
Root of meditation G1.0{6.21}
Root of negation G1.0{6.21}
Root of nirvana G1.0{6.21}
Root of refuge G1.0{6.21}
Root of samadhi G1.0{6.21}
Root of siddhi: psychokinesis G1.0{6.21}
Root of siddhi: telepathy G1.0{6.21}
Root of the journeys of God G1.0{6.21}
Root of transfiguration G1.0{6.21}
Root of transfinitude G1.0{6.21}
Scope of Supreme Mastery G1.0{6.21} G1.210{2.21}
Root of contemplation G1.0{7.21}
Root of encounter G1.0{7.21}
Root of intelligence G1.0{7.21}
Root of samadhi: dharmamegha samadhi G1.0{7.21}
Root of suffering G1.0{7.21}
Root of individuation G1.10{1.21}
Root of Sanātana Dharma G1.10{1.21}
Root of Vedanta G1.10{1.21}
Root of A Course in Miracles G1.10{2.21}
Root of value G1.10{3.21}
Root of ananda G1.10{4.21}
Root of equalness G1.10{4.21}
Root of equipoise G1.10{4.21}
Root of bliss G1.10{4.21}
Root of joy G1.10{4.21}
Root of desire G1.10{5.21}
Root of emotion G1.10{5.21}
Root of siddhi: healing G1.10{5.21}
Root of compassion G1.10{6.21}
Root of denial G1.10{6.21}
Root of denial of God G1.10{6.21}
Root of intimacy G1.10{6.21}
Root of metaphysics G1.10{6.21}
Root of samadhi: nirvikalpa samadhi G1.10{6.21}
Root of the Trinity G1.10{6.21}
Root of wisdom G1.10{6.21}
Root of direct knowing with words G1.10{7.21}
Attainment of Supreme God-Realization G1.1{0.00}
Root of wavering G1.1{2.21}
Scope of original wavering G1.1{2.21} G1.210{2.21}
Root of seeking G1.1{3.21}
Root of creation: continuous creation G1.1{4.21}
Root of curiosity G1.1{4.21}
Root of information G1.1{4.21}
Root of interpenetration G1.1{4.21}
Root of listening G1.1{4.21}
Root of manifestation G1.1{4.21}
Root of manifestation: infinite manifestation G1.1{4.21}
Root of original curiosity G1.1{4.21}
Root of receptivity G1.1{4.21}
Root of the 1st descent G1.1{4.21}
Root of the descent G1.1{4.21}
Root of the original descent G1.1{4.21}

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