The Ontology of Unicity:

Layer 1 Within Supreme Mind

Jeff Vander Clute

Layer 1 Within Supreme Mind: First Mental Layer

__ Layer 1: First Mental Layer __ Min Max
Root of panentheism G1.1{5.21}
Scope of original curiosity G1.1{5.21} G1.210{3.21}
Scope of involution G1.1{5.21} G1.9{MAX}
Root of being (contrasted with becoming) G1.1{6.21}
Root of capacity to architect G1.1{6.21}
Root of capacity to design G1.1{6.21}
Root of decision G1.1{6.21}
Root of devotion G1.1{6.21}
Root of directive G1.1{6.21}
Root of dreaming G1.1{6.21}
Root of duality G1.1{6.21}
Root of otherness G1.1{6.21}
Root of senses G1.1{6.21}
Root of senses: inner senses G1.1{6.21}
Root of relationship G1.1{6.21}
Root of sexuality G1.1{6.21}
Root of invocation G1.121{2.21}
Root of Om G1.121{2.21}
Root of the Word G1.121{2.21}
Root of intention G1.121{3.21}
Root of knowledge G1.121{3.21}
Root of knowledge: most-profound knowledge G1.121{3.21}
Root of limitation G1.121{3.21}
Root of profound stirring G1.121{3.21}
Root of satisfaction G1.121{3.21}
Root of sentience G1.121{3.21}
Root of “where I am” G1.121{4.21}
Root of actualization G1.121{4.21}
Root of agreement G1.121{4.21}
Root of aliveness G1.121{4.21}
Root of animation G1.121{4.21}
Root of appreciation G1.121{4.21}
Root of embrace G1.121{4.21}
Root of environment G1.121{4.21}
Root of essence G1.121{4.21}
Root of evocation G1.121{4.21}
Root of harmony G1.121{4.21}
Root of identification G1.121{4.21}
Root of interdependence G1.121{4.21}
Root of isness G1.121{4.21}
Root of money G1.121{4.21}
Root of nature G1.121{4.21}
Root of nature: higher nature G1.121{4.21}
Root of simultaneity G1.121{4.21}
Root of that which comes and goes G1.121{4.21}
Attainment of Supreme Purity G1.121{5.21}
Convergence of scientific investigation and spiritual investigation G1.121{5.21}
Root of forgiveness G1.121{5.21}
Root of fragmentation G1.121{5.21}
Root of Gödel’s incompleteness theorems G1.121{5.21}
Root of healing G1.121{5.21}
Root of health G1.121{5.21}
Root of holding G1.121{5.21}
Root of imagination G1.121{5.21}
Root of karma G1.121{5.21}
Root of the human heart G1.121{5.21}
Root of unclarity G1.121{5.21}
Root of wholeness G1.121{5.21}
Root of wishing G1.121{5.21}
Transcendence of death G1.121{5.21}
Root of metamathematics: Cantor’s diagonalization G1.121{6.12}
Attainment of deathlessness G1.121{6.21}
Attainment of limitlessness G1.121{6.21}
Root of “I am that I am” G1.121{6.21}
Root of “I am” G1.121{6.21}
Root of amness G1.121{6.21}
Root of anubhava G1.121{6.21}
Root of arising G1.121{6.21}
Root of ascended vehicles (rather than bodies) G1.121{6.21}
Root of beingness G1.121{6.21}
Root of chaos G1.121{6.21}
Root of clairsentience G1.121{6.21}
Root of co-resonance G1.121{6.21}
Root of complexity G1.121{6.21}
Root of conflict G1.121{6.21}
Root of confusion G1.121{6.21}
Root of content G1.121{6.21}
Root of dissonance G1.121{6.21}
Root of disturbance G1.121{6.21}
Root of doubt G1.121{6.21}
Root of emanation G1.121{6.21}
Root of existence G1.121{6.21}
Root of expression G1.121{6.21}
Root of faith G1.121{6.21}
Root of individual mind G1.121{6.21}
Root of individuality G1.121{6.21}
Root of projection G1.121{6.21}
Root of relaxation G1.121{6.21}
Root of resonance G1.121{6.21}
Root of sovereignty G1.121{6.21}
Root of the Uddhava Gita G1.121{6.21}
Root of vehicles G1.121{6.21}
Scope of metamathematics: Cantor’s diagonalization G1.121{6.21} G1.210{8.21}
Root of being (as in beings) G1.210{1.21}
Root of being: sentient being G1.210{1.21}
Root of creativity G1.210{1.21}
Root of crystallization G1.210{1.21}
Root of gratitude G1.210{1.21}
Root of heavenly realms G1.210{1.21}
Root of impermanence G1.210{1.21}
Root of inquiry G1.210{1.21}
Root of self enquiry G1.210{1.21}
Root of space G1.210{1.21}
Root of space: basic space G1.210{1.21}
Root of space: primordial space G1.210{1.21}
Root of synergy G1.210{1.21}
Root of the 2nd descent G1.210{1.21}
Root of the entirety G1.210{1.21}
Root of the now G1.210{1.21}
Scope of basic space G1.210{1.21} G1.210{4.21}
Scope of heavenly realms G1.210{1.21} G1.552
Scope of the now G1.210{1.21} G1.9{MAX}

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