The Ontology

4 Dec 2022

The Ontology is a sourced exploration and articulation of the nature of DIVINITY, being, creation, and manifestation. What started as a single diagram has expanded into nine layers. The resultant clarity is informing DEFINITIONS and Beyond Every Teaching.


The ORIGINAL SEED that is the SUPREME ORIGIN germinates into the SUPREME CREATOR, which constitutes MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS. Within the MIND, there is a curiosity about what is possible when awareness of being THE SUPREME is slightly constricted. This leads to a process of the DIVINE seeming to “leave home” in order to explore and come to know itself through expressions.

As constriction of AWARENESS increases, the possibility of forgetting the SUPREME ORIGIN, and being THE SUPREME, is explored. This leads to the further possibility of denying or rejecting THE SUPREME, and if that happens, an apparently finite universe of energy and matter manifests as the appearance of separation. When there is no such denial, creation is the playground for DIVINITY to know DIVINITY through infinite emanations in which all is known to be infinite. The Big Bang is the apparent origin of finite manifestation. SOURCE is the real origin of the emanations that constitute creation. SINGULARITY is the unmaking of the Big Bang and the resolution of all emanations into remembered oneness.

The Ontology answers the question “What was before the Big Bang?” Prior to the Big Bang – not in time and space, but in SUPREME MIND – there is a limitlessly rich field of information, light, and vibration that WE never leave. The real WE, the profound presence in every being, never denies or forgets the SUPREME ORIGIN. The confused or unreal we returns to the “garden” of creation by shifting from seeing beings and objects as other to knowing the inseparability of all, which is the gift of Love.

As indivisibility is recognized and realized, the angled line of unreality (a distortion of creation) swings across to become the vertical line of reality. Then we discover that WE have access to the entire spectrum of information, light, and vibration. We discover that creation contains an inconceivable number of realms for exploring and realizing who WE are. As realization is perfected, we come to know the layers of creation as the layers of THAT which WE are. At the highest or deepest level of realization, remembrance is complete and it is obvious that WE can only be THE SUPREME.

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The Ontology can be comprehended as a series of layers, from the ORIGINAL SEED to layers of creation and consciousness. All layers nest within the ORIGINAL SEED since there is nothing “outside” of THE SUPREME. The transitions from one layer to the next on the return to the SUPREME ORIGIN are described in “10 Transfigurations.”

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