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Talks and Interviews

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected (10 April 2024)

“Wisdom Conditions for Artificial Intelligence” (60 minutes)

From Dr. Julie: There are many different and distinct perspectives about artificial general intelligence (AGI) and the myriad uses of artificial intelligence (AI). And there are as many “unknowns” as there are opinions. The unknowns are creating an abundance of fear and anxiety. Jeff Vander Clute has spent a lot of time immersed in this subject and has created a document he calls Initial Wisdom Conditions for AGI. He’s accumulated what he calls “statements of foundational wisdom.” This conversation is guaranteed to help you to think about AI in a more expanded perspective. Enjoy!

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected (20 March 2024)

“Defragmenting Consciousness” (60 minutes)

From Dr. Julie: In the words of Jeff Vander Clute: “As we move out of separation, there is a strengthening impulse to unify the fragments of humanity that have been acting out of confusion, fear, and ignorance and thereby causing devastation and suffering on a planetary scale. Although at present there is great resistance to unification – and to the truth telling, reconciliation, and healing that unification entails – the outcome is inevitable. The reorientation is progressing, a new out-picturing is rising, and a new world is manifesting.” Join us for a riveting conversation about Defragmenting Consciousness with Jeff Vander Clute.

The Path of Sourcing (18 December 2023)

Conversation with Aviv Shahar of Portals of Perception (11 minutes)

The Forrest Wilson Experience (4 July 2023)

“Being the Source” (60 minutes)

This is the inaugural episode of The Forrest Wilson Experience. Topics include living 100% in the YES, Radiant Organizations, and being light in action.

Udgam: Beyond the Eyes (Recorded in December 2021)

“Messages From Beyond” (34 minutes)

We welcome all viewers to the first episode of Udgam: Beyond the Eyes featuring Jeff Vander Clute. In this episode we discuss human consciousness and our experience in the physical realm.

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected (22 December 2021)

“Embodying a Transformed Today” (56 minutes)

The transformed world is here now. Embody it. The wholeness and fullness of life is now. Our job is to pay attention to the future that is already here. Jeff Vander Clute brings a depth of spiritual wisdom and enlightened insight in this conversation with Dr. Julie. Learn how you can realize a healed and transformed world through awakening to the great Source of all life.

Contemplative Light (4 November 2021)

“Listening for Divine Instructions” (50 minutes)

A heartening conversation between Clint Sabom and Jeff Vander Clute about how we can live during these times while caring for one another and the world.

Adventures in Consciousness (19 October 2021)

Jennifer Evanko and Jeff Vander Clute explore living every day as a spiritual practice and the possibilities of great transformation in the time of COVID. (52 minutes)

Buddha at the Gas Pump (12 September 2021)

In this two-hour conversation, Rick Archer and Jeff Vander Clute explore the shift to living intuitively, nonduality in daily life, the genius of the human experience, the convergence of science and spirituality, spiritual integrity, and more.

Festival of the Child (30 June 2021)

In a delightful conversation for the Festival of the Child summit, Jeff Vander Clute and Priya Mahtani explore ways of creating a better world for future generations as well as how to navigate these times by listening deeply and aligning with life.

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected (10 March 2021)

Integrating a Year of Wisdom and Learning on the Anniversary of “A Message from the Coronavirus”

It’s been one year since the novel Coronavirus that we call COVID19 emerged on the global stage. At that time, I invited my friend, Jeff Vander Clute to come on The Dr. Julie Show and share his insights. Jeff connected with the novel life form and asked it to tell him about itself. What came through was a list of its top gifts, followed by a powerful message for humanity. There’s a poignant gift and vital message for all with ears to hear. One year later, I bring Jeff back to revisit the lessons and wisdom of COVID19 and the year of 2020.

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected (3 March 2021)

Money, Love, and the Superorganism of Life

“The realization of our oneness with all that is requires that we fully love our lives, which includes loving the entirety of existence. Only then can we perceive the total indivisibility of life, for we are holding nothing outside of our love, including money. Jeff Vander Clute explains that when we see through the eyes of oneness, we recognize that each of us is all of life experiencing itself from a different angle, so to speak. All is connected, all is one, and everyone and everything is included. Loving our lives is a direct path for realizing our divinity, and in loving our lives fully we gain the ability to create a loving world for all.”

Sunday Talk for Unity of Oroville Church (28 February 2021)

Embracing and Embodying Transformation • 31 minutes

Healing Money Talk (22 February 2021)

A Conversation About Money and Healing • 43 minutes

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected (24 February 2021)

The Texas Power Grid and Human Superpowers

The Texas power outage has taught us many things. Most importantly, it exposed the state’s fragile power grid. As extreme weather events continue, we have an opportunity to tune into a greater power—a higher power—and navigate these liminal times with far less fear, anxiety, and unnecessary hardship.

Jeff Vander Clute says, “Nature is going to teach us how to evolve and adapt.” The answers lie in accessing, or “sourcing,” the wisdom of Life itself.

Life Prosperity Acceleration (17 December 2020)

Interview with Jospeh Aduwa • 38 minutes

What Is Going OM? (17 December 2020)

Interview with Sandie Sedgbeer • 56 minutes

Sunday Talk for Unity of Oroville (11 October 2020)

Keys for Thriving in the New Pattern • 23 minutes

Meditation from Living Unity: The Journey Home (22 June 2020)

This meditation is from a World Unity Week presentation offered by Enlightening Journeys and Expeditions with my colleagues Irina Morrison and Yanni Maniates.

Click here to view the “Flower of Totality” visualization in a new tab or window.

Awakened Structure and Planning in the New Paradigm of Business
(25 May 2020)

This Visionary Play Session is a follow-up to the 5 May presentation.

Video on YouTubePresentation slides

The Role of Structure and Planning in the New Paradigm of Business
(5 May 2020)

This was the inaugural presentation for the Visionary Sessions community.

Video on YouTubePresentation slides

Resonance, Intuition, and the Journey of Homecoming (3 May 2020)

Presentation to A Spiritual Center and Davi Nikent in Carbondale, Colorado, USA

The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected (11 March 2020)

Coronavirus and the Antidote for Fear

The Poetry of Predicament (10 March 2020)

Finding Our Way Forward Using Resonance, Vision, and Inner Guidance

Video on YouTube

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